Wisdom is going to Change this Planet.

And from this new vantage point, from this broader perspective

the New Politics of planet Earth will…and MUST BE...





and a fuller, richer KNOWING of WHO WE BE

in relationship to ALL THAT IS


This IS the New Paradigm of the AWAKENED HUMAN BEING, built on the solid foundation of compassion, love, understanding, unity consciousness, and wisdom.

You are an up-lifter to your very core, and it is your innate nature to exemplify and fully live by the universal principals of ONENESS.

Accept the good that is coming to you, and understand that as you release yourself from all that is no longer in service to your highest expression of who you are…that in these same moments you are elevating the entire Collective Consciousness, moving us ever closer to a reality that embodies these new  principals of Living.

 As you shift the self…    ALL shifts to reflect it.


in~Love & Light, and an open heart to all humanity… I love you all…

 Kasia Kaminska.

~  ~ ~

If you are looking for clarity and guidance I am now available for One~to~One phones sessions, as well as in~person sessions at my home on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays. Take a look at my website for more tools and information on the changing energies, and how you can best move through them to achieve the inner harmony you seek.

If this resonates with you, and you are ready to book a session, please contact me through email, at kasiak.coach(at)gmail.com to schedule your personal reading. I will be happy to answer any questions you may have!  All readings are confidential and will be recorded for your future listening pleasure.

a note from Kasia and Dan


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In our world of  ever expanding technologies, the sound of a voice is a very welcome reprieve, and we so look forward to our growing conversations with you, and with the Source that IS you, as you allow for the co-creation of this Enlightened Conversation.

May you be well, and truly abundant as you walk along your personal Illuminated path.

You are never alone, and you are so deeply Loved and provided for.

Trust in the Universe you have so lovingly created for yourself, and understand that this creation, this piece of art you call your life…is ever changing because You are always changing…and that is exactly where you want, and need to be.


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