~~~ a note from Kasia ~~~

My dear friends, I tuned in last night and asked for a message of love and expansion to help and guide us along this new Energetic path. All of us are feeling the changes which are happening all around us. The world is changing, and we must change right along with it in order to remain here on this physical playground. Its time to move beyond the beliefs of our past, to let go of the heavier density ‘things’ we so adamantly hold on to. Its time to let go of the struggle.

This is a message of love, and of letting you know…it is time to grow, it is time to step into that which you have been asking for.
There has never been a time such as this.
Never before has there been a unity as this, for you move ever steady into alignment with You.


the message is this…


HUMANITY you are not who you think you are.

You are not a plague upon this planet… you are loved by her, you are her children, a part of her body as she is a part of yours. Your planet is ALIVE and she is growing, ever expanding and becoming more… as are YOU. For like her, you are expanding and becoming more. The pain you collectively feel is her pain, as you believe yourself less than what you are, and in your misbelief, in your misunderstanding, you destroy that which supports and loves you.

HUMANITY you are not who you think you are.

You are not the dumbed down species you believe yourself to be. You are not limited or controlled, you are not sheep walking through a sleep like existence. You are CREATORS. You are infinite and eternal. You have power beyond your current comprehension. And the things you can DO are limited only by your personal belief about yourself and what you THINK you can do.

HUMANITY you are not who you think you are.

You are not alone. You are not separated and isolated. You are not islands onto yourself. You are connected in ways that as of yet you do not fully understand, but can so truly FEEL. You are A PART of it ALL, but you are never apart from it.


expressing, creating, playing, becoming more…over and over…day in and day out… in this millennium and in all those that have come before and that are yet to come.
You have always been that, and you will always be that. And what you decide to become along the way, is all up to you. for you are the one creating this, and you will continue to do so, even if you don’t fully believe in it yet.
But it is far better for you to believe, and to know the full potential of what you are as you move through this physical experience you know as your LIFE.

HUMANITY it is time to change how you see yourself. And in so doing, to step into a fresh, new experience of what it means to BE HUMAN.

You didn’t come here to struggle… you came here to create…. but until you believe that this is so, you will continue to play out your games which will become more and more vivid as the energy of the expanding earth propels everything and everyone into further and greater versions of self.

What that means is… you are evolving.
The planet Earth is evolving. You and everything on this planet and in all the space that you consider ‘the space around me’ is becoming more.

And so it is now time, to adapt, and take on a new perspective, one that will benefit you and create in you a renewed sense of worthiness.

But know this, if you decide that you want ‘off the ride’ so to speak, than there is no judgment here, but full understanding that this is always your choice, as are all choices before you. There is nothing that you have to do, but so many things that you CAN DO. We are never advocating leaving life, for indeed this LIFE that you lead IS the main event. This physical reality that we all participate in, IS what this is all about. It is the stage upon which creation gets to experience itself tangibly.

And so, it is now time for you to understand that you are far more than what you have been believing.

HUMANITY it is time for you to change the way you see yourself and accept that you are GOD, made real… made manifest… here… now


~~~ with Love & Light, Namaste ~~~

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