When the flow of energy is not being allowed to flow; in the feeling of overwhelming, in the perception of burden and strife, we momentarily impede the flow of love energy, life force energy, into our lives. We become overburdened with what we perceive to be our difficulties, our problems.


Allow now for the loving flow of light, love into your BEingness. It is time, right now, to soften, to ALLOW those things you have been asking for to flow in.

So let go of your burdens. Release the doubts that hold you close to the ground, hold you bound in this 3D reality you so completely feel is not reflective of who you really are.

The discomfort you feel as you look upon those things in your life that do not please you, (and we feel that this has indeed been true for you this last little while) is taking you out of alignment with your true SELF and the mission you have come here to accomplish. And so we ask you now to shift your vibration, and in that way, align yourself with a new station

a new reality

This is what is meant by deliberate creation. It is now time to put into practice all those things we have been guiding you to do.

Begin to BE the you, you feel yourself to be. Feel within you the birth and rebirth of a NEW YOU as you step ever closer to the destiny you have so lovingly set out for yourself.

This is a time of many changes and much realization, as more and more you step into this new role. And we feel your immediate judgement on yourself as you decide~believe that you are not ready for the task, that its not really you, that you’re just not that special enough.

This is false prophecy, this is false belief.
For you are prophesying your own future, and have deemed it not enough, and so you move ever steady in the direction of that. For we can not steer the ship of your life this is YOUR adventure, this is YOUR trip, this is YOU.

So it is now time to decide…

Do you want to continue in the way you have?

And that is your choice. You may continue in this way for as long as you choose, this is ALWAYS your choice.

And in the moment of your choosing differently, you in that moment BEcome.

In other words…

What you be COMES to you.

Be that which you want to come to you… be itfeel it… use the tool of your imagination to explore what you want to come to you, intimately and completely.

Be what you want and in the BEing of it, all things that vibrate, resonate, reflect that BEing will be drawn to you, magnetized by the invisible but powerful power of your focused intention.

Decide that you know that how you feel affects your reality… creates your creality…

You create your own creality… your Creative Reality.

Decide that you have the ability, the know-how, the divine guidance that is always leading you in the right direction, and that as you feel better and better, this once quiet instruction becomes a shining beacon of light.

As doubt and distrust fall away to Infinite Unconditional Love and feeling of ONEness, as you realize your divine placement among the leagues of Light Beings, you BEcome that in your physical world.

You are divinely placed and infinitely loved.

You have been asked to sacrifice your remembrance of Divinity and toil among the unawakened masses. And you feel the dissonance in that, for you have felt your greatness and yet could not reflect it into your life. You believed what others told you. Your infinite capacity for trust and unconditional love made you feel intensely, and when others said this was your weakness, you believed them and made yourself LESS.

You diminished your light to win their approval, always feeling that LOVE was the answer.

You have been placed here to feel love.
To reconnect first yourself to unconditional love (don’t be afraid, it is so much better than what you currently believe it will be, we promise you)
and thereby reconnect others who are also ready to reconnect with their own inner Love, and in that way, wake up the whole of humanity.

You are being divinely lead, so do not worry or doubt but know that we are always with you, and that your success on every level possible…

in all versions of you,
IS already complete.

It is DONE,
it is complete, and done.
It is complete and done in the moment of your asking.

It is only, and ever, your disallowing or resistance OF THAT, which pushes the desired outcome away ‘time wise’ from you.

When you decide to fully BElieve that… BElive that… you will in that moment of deciding… in the moment of your allowing… release the resistance around it and allow the flow of divine Source Love to flow in. And in that tide, a great surge of all the things you’ve ever wanted… to FEEL… to EXPERIENCE…and to BE… will come surging forth onto the plane of your physical creality…. your personal creative reality.




Kasia Kaminska