Never has there been a time, when you have been so eloquently lined up with the totality of WHAT IS YOU.

~ ~ ~

Why is it that we seldom see the continuation of a story after the final climax, after the ‘world is saved’ and the challenges are defeated?

What happens to Neo after the story ends, when he has to face the natural progression and momentum of his life?

Why are we so often given sequels which simply replay the same story back to us; repeating the same patterns, the same challenges, with slightly different details, only to return the character right back to the beginning?

Where is the growth, the expansion of character and understanding?

Where is the progression, the evolution of the story?

At a certain point, we have become accustomed to having the same story spoon fed us by an industry that knows we believe in ‘it’ more that we believe in ourselves.

And ‘it’ has been dictating our collective story for far too long.

You may have forgotten, but there was a time when all stories, the collective story of the human being, was passed down verbally, mouth to mouth, person to person. It was an ongoing conversation, shared by the entirety of the human race. Stories moved from person to person, place to place, and with them a new collective understanding of humanity became known and understood.

It was a living conversation, an ongoing dialogue between all those who participated.

So how does all that fit into your life?

Somewhere along the way, you forgot that you have full control over your personal life story.

You may still believe that things are happening to you, and you may still feel that everything outside of you, is in fact separate from you.

And most likely, you also feel that the stories you see expressed out into the world through media and entertainment, are more ‘real’, more tangible, than the mundane reality you consider to be your current life.

You’ve allowed the virtual to become the ‘real’ and the real to feel like an illusion.

In short… you still feel human…or at least, what we have collectively agreed ‘human’ feels like, instead of feeling like the god and the hero of your own story.

If I told you right now, that you have infinite capabilities to do and be ANYTHING, and that you are in every way a full part, an extension of ALL THAT IS… if I told you that you are in fact a good god, playing out an experience of being physical for the sheer joy of being here in this experience… you probably wouldn’t believe me.

And even if you did outwardly agree, you would most certainly feel the lack of your own ability to actually DO the things I am saying, and to really, really feel and know the truth of it.

So you may think that these words ‘sound pretty’ and that most likely they apply to someone, anyone other than you, but the reality of it is, you are in fact, all those things.

And you can do and be so much more than I have even mentioned here.

The only thing separating you from your ability to actually accomplish any and all of these things, is your ability to ACTUALLY BELIEVE THAT YOU CAN.

There is no leeway in the Universe, it is an exact, precise replication of ALL of your BELIEFS…what you believe, you live.

So you see, when others dominate your beliefs, they in actuality dominate your life. For in your living a conditional and scripted life, you give over your own power of deliberate creative manifestation and you let someone else run your story.

So turn off your devices, and tune into yourself… and start talking to each other.

Call a friend, visit, spend time outdoors, use the media to your advantage, to open the world to you… do anything and everything, to help you remember that you are the active participant in an ongoing experience called LIFE and LIVING>

You didn’t come here to have a passive experience, you came here to LIVE>>>TO FEEL and to EVOLVE.

You came here to write a BRAND NEW STORY

So often we hear it said that life isn’t about the destination, its about the journey…but I would like to suggest, that life is an EXPERIENCE.

And the experience, and the process of living are far more important then the results you are ultimately reaching for.

Your results however, are inevitable, and your success is assured and complete as part of the experiencing of the process which is life.

You live in a NOW Universe.

You live in a GOOD Universe.

You are good, you are safe, and you can recreate your reality simply by remembering that YOU CAN.

 In~love and light

Kasia Kaminska

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