There is much to be said about the forward momentum of ALL THAT IS.

Creation is always in a state of outward expansion, everything is changing, everything is becoming more, especially us.

We ourselves determine how in alignment we are with that, and our feelings of personal comfort or discomfort are the clear, and ONLY, indicator of that alignment.

The programming of our current time would have you, US, believe that we are weak, that our individual efforts are minor, if at all effective. And that our collective well-being, our very happiness, lies somewhere outside ourselves in the things we acquire, the ‘stuff’ we collect and stamp as MINE.

But that is a false premise, an illusion spoon fed to all of us, a lie.

You can know that this is so, by your very feeling about it.

You are GOD

You are GOOD

and you a part of an Infinite Intelligence which makes up the totality of our Collective Consciousness.

When you believe yourself to be anything less~than that, when you place ‘things’ in front of yourself, when you love outwardly more than you love inwardly, you can feel this untruth, and you feel bad.

This feeling of bad, is the very indicator that allows you to Choose Differently, and change your reality and your actual outer world.

So next time you are feeling bad about anything, give yourself a pat on the back and know that as you Love yourself in that moment, you are in that way, fine tuning your own frequency, the very mechanism of how you create, to that of Love. And as you practice this new vibration, this new stance, this new way of thinking and dealing from a loving  vantage point, you draw to yourself all the things you have personally been asking for.

Hello everyone…

We have some fun announcements coming up and a busy Spring schedule ahead, so if you are thinking about a One~to~One Channeled session with me personally, or with both Dan and myself, it may be a good time to plan ahead and schedule it now. Stay tuned to more information about our upcoming workshops and our ILLUMINATED HEALING PATH

in~love & light,

Kasia and Dan