You are an active participant in an ongoing experience, and as you allow this new information to flow into you and become the framework of a new understanding and perception it will also in that way create, you will create, the reflecting reality to go along with that.

It is the way that the universe works, the way that you create what you desire.

You let it out for yourself in such delicate intricacy, that each thing is simultaneously known and unknown, done and yet to be.

All exit in the way they arrived, with full knowing of who they are and how this all plays out.

And all know ultimately why they are there, and why they have decided on the things they’ve decided on.

But it is an ongoing game, an expansion of infinite proportions, it is always ongoing at each and ever level of creation.

There is nothing that is outside of that.


And so it is all, ALL, becoming more.

It is all widening and expanding and growing and discovering, and experiencing itself over and over and over again in a delightful dance of creation and more creation and more creation and more creation.

You are the creator of your reality.

You are the creator of your reality

You saw the light within you and now see it reflected outward with-out you…

you create your own reality

Your inner world is the world within which you create.

It is THAT which is reflected back to you.

All those things that you have thought impossible are in fact very possible

All that you imagine that you have the ability to do, is in you.

As you fight this urge, this deep desire, this calling inside you to DO what it is you are WANTING TO DO, you in that way believe~belive in a reality that is unflowing, and restrictive and so you will ‘feel’ unhappy as an indicator that what you are creating in this moment is not who you really are, and better yet, is not moving you along the reality path you actually want to be going in.

Your feelings of discomfort, be in anger or dismay, feeling stuck or unfree, are always just letting you know that what you are thinking, right then and there, is moving you, turning you…tuning you…to a frequency from which you are in that same moment creating.

Therefore what you are creating in that moment becomes,

it materializes and becomes REAL.

You create your own reality.

And you say, “How can that be? That would mean that I am in a…”

Yes we feel you reach for many words, dream would be the best to understand it.

Reality is a dream of sorts, its your physical dream.

You are awake in many ways, and yet fully asleep in many others.

But there is always a part of you who is fully CONSCIOUS and this is that part which is always leading you, guiding you.


You are creating in the moment …now…. in every moment.

there are no topics that you HAVE to delve into

there are no things that you HAVE to do

there is only HOW DO YOU WANT TO FEEL


its ok to reach for better feelings

its ok to want to feel better

its ok that you prefer to smile than cry

its ok that you prefer passion to no passion

its ok that you prefer fun to no fun

and its ok that you always want to feel this connection


You are natural for feeling this way

So don’t resist your nature

and allow yourself to feel better

Even in these moments when you belive that you SHOULD be feeling worse,

that you should delve into the problems to ‘resolve’ them,

because you were taught to dive deep and figure it out.


But we say to you,

ease IS the easier path,

and one that we would encourage.


Don’t chastise yourself for believing otherwise, it was taught to you, and taken in you from an open, giving heart that always wants to fix and make right, but please understand that what you are trying to FIX is, first and foremost, not broken, and that in the delving in you in actuality create more of that.


So that, what once was a glance now is a word,

what was a word becomes a sentence

and what was a sentence, a sound,

now begets action…feeling…emotion…CREATION


Your words are words

until they are more.

Than they become the world around you.

Than they become ALL THAT YOU ARE.

Let pride and ego go at the wayside,

and know that this is your path of understanding

that you purposely forgot

so that you could than remember and KNOW.