Dearest friends,

No doubt you have all been feeling the great upsurge of energy, as all around us the world is shifting in ever unexpected and sometimes stressful ways. I don’t think we have to look far to see evidence that the old systems are collapsing, and rightly so.

Closer to home, I have been feeling the intensity of shifting energy surge through my own life, and so, this is the first Channeled piece I have posted in a few months. To all those who wait for these messages, I assure you…there has been an increase in Cosmic Conversation, and I will be sharing much of my work in an upcoming book which I am currently in the process of writing.  Nevertheless, I always make sure to share the most relevant information in the moment or receiving it.

And because We are all connected in the Here and NOW,  I trust that all you need is right here, right now.

I received the channeling you are about to read just yesterday, and felt immediately that it needed to be shared with you. It emphasis the importance of relaxation, and the truly destructive aspects of stress…contraction…on our ability to be fully ourselves.

I encourage you to take a little time with these words, and to let their energetic signature fine tune your frequency. I find that by reading these words out-loud, I give myself the highest form of tuning, as the frequency of my own voice gently maneuvers my own personal vibrancy, in simpler terms…it feels good.

I will  post a second article, giving you some powerful high frequency channeled statements that will activate your body and raise your overall physical, emotional and mental frequency. You can use these positive channeled statements anytime and all the time, and I would suggest that you incorporate them into your physical practice… for example, as you move into tree pose in yoga, you can say aloud to yourself  “I now bring LIGHT into ALL cells of my body, I Now ACTIVATE my LIGHT BODY” or while you’re busy shoveling your driveway, you can say to yourself, ” I am strong, I am open, I am fully energized and vital

Become comfortable talking to yourself, because truly, an inward conversation can be the beginning of an infinitely larger dialogue.

…the following is a Channeled Message from Highest Self

Your body and your mind have become contaminated by the 3D illusion. By the events and occurrences you perceive as being ‘the real world’. And this has made you become disconnected, although even that is a lacking word, for you are never disconnected from your source…but you can tune yourself out of range long enough that you believe that you are indeed disconnected. And in your current states of disconnect, you look to the outside world for direction.

In order to HEAR your Higher SELF, that highest version of What you Are, you must decontaminate, detoxify, your physical vessel, which comprises of your Physical Body, your Emotional Body, and that part of you which houses your beliefs that we like to refer to as, your Thinking Body,  In order to become a pure LIGHT BEING… in order to raise your frequency and rise above your current level of BEING, DOING and HAVING, you must clear and balance all levels of these individual houses.

Now, the voice of your Higher SELF is always speaking to you… because IT IS YOU.

And it is only ever your personal allowing, in other words, it is only ever you, who restricts…and keeps that voice out.

In terms of a picture you may relate to… imagine your Higher SELF represented by the SUN… ETERNALLY SHINING.

Regardless of your position on this planet, the SUN continues to shine.

When you are in a state of contraction you are Shielding yourself from the eternal Love~Light that is YOUR SOURCE, which IS you.

In times of stress… contraction…you walk about your current platform with your hand held above your eyes, NOT SEEING. For in your stress, your brain contracts, causing less blood flow into the optical nerves, creating the effect of ‘seeing less’.

So too, are ALL the senses restricted. And this is only just one factor, yet a vital one to understand if you are to break free from your bondage of CONSTRICTION>

That is why we say to you now… BREATH AND RELAX

It has been both overstated and under understood, but the concept of relaxation has been grossly underplayed. The correlation between stress, or as we like to call it; CONSTRICTION, and your ability to effectively and fully participate in this conscious revolution, in this mass awakening, and your own personal Expansion is real, and it is affecting your ability to BE FULLY PRESENT and FULLY ENGAGED in your personal evolution. Constriction is playing a major role in your ‘right now’ ability to feel good.

In your contracted state your very ability to BE YOURSELF diminishes. You literally become another person.

You say it all the time… “I’m just not feeling like myself.”

And indeed, you are NOT YOURSELF. You become a fragmented portion of the whole, a piece of your self that is not fully represented by the Whole of You.

In your current reality platform, the concept of relaxing has become synonymous with various modalities and beliefs, but most have overlooked the obvious ‘in the moment effect’ this type of contraction has on EVERYTHING.

Any kind of constriction, whether it be caused by the thoughts you are thinking, the emotions you are feeling, or …through the very things you put on, and into your body,  ANY constriction, causes you to temporarily disconnect from your Highest Version of SELF       in the moment of THINKING or doing. It quite literally stops you from being Who You Are; which is, your smartest self, your most loving self,  and your BEST self. In moments of constriction, you loose access to all these qualities, and you see the world through a limited, restricted, depressed view. There are many more words to describe the same thing, and all lead to the same result;

which is… that in those very same moments, you are not CREATING, LIVING, or BEING who you actually Say you want to BE, DO, or HAVE. You are in that moment of contraction standing in opposition to yourself, literally FIGHTING YOURSELF.

It’s a tug-of-rope game that you can not win, for WHO YOU ARE is solid in it’s knowing of itself.


…and this Highest Version of You… IS YOU

So please, stop struggling. Let go the rope, let go the tension, let go your reasoning for all this stress in your current reality, and understand that to Love yourself, means to address this constant propensity towards tension…and truly allow yourself to float.  Understand that ‘just because you don’t SEE it yet, doesn’t mean it’s not already there’. For indeed, all things exist Here and right Now.

…and we say to you now;  All that you require, all that you need, all those things and so Much More is here and now.. HERE&NOW&HERE&NOW&HERE&NOW

So Choose… have courage and trust…  And know that Infinity knocks at your door… and OPEN yourself Up to the full potential of Who you can be.


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