My dear friends, no doubt you’ve all been feeling in some way or another, the huge influx of energy that is currently bringing about big changes and sudden revelations, as well as emotional outbursts/releases and a general amplification of emotions, in our current lives.
It has been a time of endings and much letting go…so its understandable that we are feeling and experiencing such intensity in our personal experiences.
This has been very true for me personally, as the last few days, on and continuing from the equinox, have been full of such momentum and change. Much letting go and a few unexpected but much needed endings, as well as a lot of resurfacing of old emotions stored within the physical body, emotional and spiritual body, made visible so that they may be transmuted and released. Let’s face it, these last few days have been pretty intense in some way or another for each of us.

At times these have not been the easiest of days, but as I begin to remember what it feels like to love myself, and as I start to do loving things for myself and bring myself into a more loving space within myself, I begin to become more loving. And from that more loving vantage point I am able to move forward through my day, through my week, through my life, in a state of acceptance and love for the life that surrounds me, regardless of how it looks within that particular moment of time.

For me, this has always been about Love. Love in all its forms, in all its many infinite possibilities of expression.
What I didn’t realize at first was that the quickest, most direct route into Love, pure unconditional Love, was through Loving the Self. I had to begin to see the Self as someone I truly loved, not in empty words and gestures, but to truly connect to MYself and to love mySELF unconditionally.

What an amazing adventure life can be when we allow that love to be our dominant vibration. I am beginning to see that as well, as more and more loving people and loving experiences come into my life path.

And so, I encourage you with a loving heart and an understanding that we are united in our collective consciousness to each other and to the Infinite Source of Love that is ALL that there IS,
to begin to love yourself through these times of change, release, and healing.
To see yourself through loving eyes and then to turn that loving gaze and shine it upon the world.

You are love made real, begin to know this as truth as you begin to love yourself more and more in each moment, of each day.

I love you all, we are family and dearest friends within the light.

with all my love and light

We are Love
We are Loved
We are ONE within this Love

Kasia Kaminska ❤
UNA Lightweaver