“And this of course applies to each and every one of you who are in this now moment actively evolving along increasingly higher vibrational octaves. The changes that we are seeing expressed through you are a fine indication of your forward momentum, and so we suggest that you applaud your own evolution as proudly as we do.

So please consider, that the very framework of your existing reality, although already far better than what has been previously experienced, can and in fact WILL, become far more than what is currently being lived out by you.

Which means, that if this is true for one… then it is true for all… FOR EVERY SINGLE ONE OF US… as all are part of the one.

So that means, and we know that you have already made you way to this conclusion, but we encourage you to keep thinking this way, that the life you are living truly is the HEAVEN YOU HAVE BEEN WAITING FOR.”


…a time travelling manual (page 90)

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