“Yes… we can know ourselves through any perspective but only this version of ME is aware that this is happening.

Which means, that if I land in a self that is compressed, or in tension, if they are in distress or sadness, I can quickly forget WHO I AM, and loose myself in the pretend that only a moment ago was somebody else’s life.

I am only aware of myself, as myself, when these occurrences are happening.

Where I go in between these moments of conscious awareness is unknown to me.

Or perhaps it’s just that I’m not letting myself know. I do get the feeling that I may be withholding these things from myself on purpose. That’s my gut feeling; that the only reason I don’t see the whole picture is because I’VE DECIDED somewhere along the way, that this was in my best interest.”

DRIVERS SEAT …a time travelling manual (page 46)

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