“Your current unease with your own abilities has little to do with the mechanisms of HOW you achieve this state, and more with the actual beliefs you have around HOW YOU ACHIEVE your state… in other words, the actual how is less important then the way you feel about how it is you accomplish your task.

So lets say, that if you inwardly disapprove of your own means of arrival, then the very tools that have helped you achieve this particular vantage point are deemed as ‘bad’ …and it is this judgment that creates your inner conflicts…and your outer apparent pain.

We say apparent because of course we acknowledge that what you feel is ‘real’ to you as you experience is, or rather… as you feel it, nonetheless, everything about your experience is still decided and created upon and by you… in other words, you and only you create your reality, your world, what you are seeing, feeling, having, doing, saying, thinking, being… all of it… and even as your mind simultaneously accepts and pushes this away, it is still the way it is, and this applies to each and every one of us… to ALL for the mechanism of creation runs similar to each and all… and each and all plays within the framework of relative ‘rules’ of all that is.”

Written Tuesday February 26th 2019
Kasia Kaminska 💛

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