You are the creator.

Everything is created twice… first in your mind as a single thought, and then second in physical form.

The sooner you learn that you are in control of your emotions, the sooner you will be happy.

It is your choice.

People sometimes say that a certain person “makes them so mad”…but no, that person does not make you mad, you make yourself mad. You have the freedom of choice to get mad or stay calm, your thoughts control your emotions.

     Take another example… imagine a ten-foot long, six-inch wide wooden beam laid across the floor in front of you… you could easily walk across it without falling off. Now picture that same beam stretched across two thirty-story buildings… and now picture yourself having to walk across it.

Notice the difference?

Do you feel some apprehension, maybe even a little fear?

What changed?

Just your thought.

But that thought creates real things inside your body. Cortisol produced from your adrenal glands over long periods of time tears down your entire body.

Yes it can literally kill you.

When our bodies lack adequate levels of serotonin and beta-endorphins, that balance out our brain chemistry, we may feel hopeless, sad, depressed, touchy to criticism, offended, crave sugar and alcohol and feel isolated and lonely – all signs of depression. Alcohol and refined sugar only exacerbate symptoms of depression.

How do you get your body working properly, because you cannot be happy with a toxic, unhealthy body.

So how can you be happy?

TAP and release yourself from your resistive, painful thoughts…

Tap on your forehead and declare…

“I now release myself from my painful, resistive thoughts”

“I now release myself from my negative thinking”

“I now release myself from all thoughts that are resistant in nature ”

“I am open, I am ready, and I am safe to think new thoughts”

#StressRelief #GiveUpPain