Start TRYING to believe in yourself… actually make it a point to noticeably be your best friend, and believe in yourself.

Make it your daily practice to listen to your inner voice… the inner vibrancy that you interpret as that guiding force that always provides you with the right choice… the choice that will be of most BENEFIT to you.

Judge nothing, especially your own experience of this. Know that you are constantly shifting, so to say that this… that ANY of it, should feel one way, over another, is an INTERPRETATION of what is, and can be Released as soon, and as quickly, as you realize that EVERYTHING is a point of view.

👉💜TAP on your Heart and declare out loud…

I now release myself from my INTERPRETATION of what is

I now release myself from judging my own experience


So your INTERPRETATION of that moment, or of the sensations that accompany that moment, DEFINE that moment, and how it will be felt BY you.

So then, would it benefit you to interpret this experience as wonderful, and know that IT IS SO by the very declaration that it is.

And knowing that this is how it ultimately works, then would it be reasonable to believe that being your own best friend, and the loudest voice in your own cheering section, would be of the GREATEST benefit to you as well.

Let the sunshine into your life

Let the smiles back in too

Remeber that you’re actually really funny, and you love to laugh!

Remeber that when you love… anything… life feels so good… so meaningful and full.

Remeber that it always feels better to say something nice, than to say something that doesn’t support you.

And remember that you’ve ALWAYS preferred the better feelings!

So TRY and believe in yourself ☀️

And then, just let go of the ‘trying’ to… and just love yourself, because loving is what you do, and love is who you are.

Of course you can do this, and you’ll feel so much better just by being who you already are ☯️💕