Think of yourself as a great-natural receiver, or organic antenna… and that you are currently picking up on, recieving, a specific frequency, channel, that is set to FEAR and ANXIETY. As your body picks-up on these invisible, yet very real and feelable, signals, it then interprets that data… and depending on your current beliefs about your body and your energy… you may misinterpret these signals to be IN your body, rather than coming AT your body… and so, you may begin to actually ‘feel’ anxious.

These same signals turn on, and bring to the surface any tension already existing IN your body, such as unresolved traumas, fears and stagnant ideas… as well as physical conditions that already exist in your body like stiffness, or preexisting conditions… so it feels like you’re suddenly feeling extra sensitive emotionally and physically, eventhough there may be little actual change in the seeable-physical space around you.

So know, and understand, that this is really happening to you, and in some ways, for you. Because as you feel whatever comes up, and release it (and we all have ways to do that) you actually heal what needs to be healed, and gives us the opportunity to actually take in the very beneficial portions of that same energy… because just like it can ‘push your buttons’ it also has the ability to push you FORWARD… and that friends, is truly exciting 🙏

🙏💕thank you for sharing this #waveoflove