✉💗…from Letters to a friend;

…consider this, right now, everyone… and this truly is a Collective experience, is experiencing higher and higher levels of active frequency, energy, that is pouring into each ‘body’ as we all advance along with the growing and evolving planet.

You’ve been preparing for this energy, intuitively, with the practices you’ve done… so the way you’re feeling this energy is different from the way your mother is absorbing and feeling this energy.

EVERYONE’S responses right now as being ‘subtly’, and not so subtly, affected by this active energy.

This same energy is making us all more telepathic, as our innate psychic abilities are rising to the surface… again, this LOOKS like something, as the brain adjusts, and can mimic ‘mania’ in someone who is full of resistance.

And now, here is the other part… all this, how you feel and how your body adapts to the changing environment, depends on what you went through and how much trauma you still carry… the more weight, the harder this whole thing will be. So if your mom went through a lot in her life, if she is afraid, stressed, etc. she, and others like her, will be suffering more then those who are actively involved in releasing their tension.

Here is a questionnaire, it’s a good place to start 💗 https://youtu.be/llMOOD7b7zQ

Keep loving her… keep seeing her in your heart and mind as whole, and at her best, and then, gently remind her of who she is, and how much you truly love her.

Love will always be the answer 💗