Dearest friends… just letting you know that a few hours ago, we got hit by a large, C class Kp-7 solar flare… so that means you may feel something… 🦋

Here is something for you to “think” about, and do, as you’re feeling your body adapt, relatively silently, to all this living energy

This is cool-positive ether energy
…living energy…

🔵 Imagine a beautiful blue ring of energy surrounding you, like a gorgeous, sparkling, electric circle 🌀 feel this blue-cool-positive energy swirl around you, like a vortex of moving light energy 🌊 now sense this energy entering at the top of your head, slowly pouring down the lenght of your spine, this liquid, electric blue energy, feel it pool into your heart 💙 and then move down your torso to your legs, then to your toes, and finally out to the ground-earth below 🌎

BREATHE and let this living-blue-energy permeate every cell, and enliven you, thrive you… breathe deeply and let it settle in, knowing all the while, there is no separation between this living-ether and you… BREATHE… and know you are ONE 🌈 Love you, KA.