Our wonderful friend Eileen, reached out this morning feeling like she was about to explode and deeply sensing this energy!

Yes friends, we are once again feeling the effects of an energetic pulse that is coming in regularly now, as in every day.

This pulse seems to begin around 10am-ish and lasts feelably into 3pm-ish… and it ls definitely feelable.

However, it doesn’t have to be painful, and our pain is just an indication that there are still negative thoughts running through your psyche, probably unconsciously… but the body is your ‘front-line’ defence, and it will sacrifice itself so that you don’t create havoc in your creative reality.

So with all that being said… here is the message I sent back to Eileen, with photos of the last 30 minutes of data from the Italian observatory ♥️

“…breathe deeply, go outside, put your feet bare on the grass-ground… ground your self physically, then breathe, and move your body in whatever gentle way you feel best, close your eyes, breathe deeply and allow yourself to tone on the out breath, and INVITE the energy in, like inviting someone to dance with you… and yes, always tap and release on the emotional issues and patterns that come out, always set yourself free… but it’s also time to STEP INTO THIS ENERGY and accept that it’s real, and that as you flow with it, it becomes more manageable and in fact, pleasant, as you find a new resonance and rhythm with that.”


🌈 We Love You✨

All is well 🌈💛🎶