Last one for the day friends (unless something important happens that you all need to know about ) we hope these posts have helped you through this big energetic day 💛

…although it’s important to feel into this, and each must decide how they feel and move accordingly… this energy has the potential to ‘upset’ your internal systems (although some insist otherwise, and believe that only machines and our technology are affected) more and more people are feeling the increased pressure and sensations that go with that.

Italian Observatory 1:44pm July 13th 2021

Common things we hear from our friends and clients…

🌟ringing in the ears (and it’s been getting louder)

🌟upset stomach, diarrhea or constipation and a change in appetite, especially when the energies are high

🌟sudden mood changes, again pushed to the surface to be released

Our bodies are being pushed into active detox, on every level, and that includes the emotions.

🌟pain in the body, bottoms of the feet, jaw, teeth, especially if you have lots of metal inside, sugar seems to amplify it

🌟sudden tiredness, or even extra energy out of nowhere, but it feels a little ‘over’ charged, like you’re about to burst out of your skin, itching and feeling suddenly hot or very, very cold

🌟you may also be feeling better, and very very clear. Things are becoming more and more understandable to you… you have new sudden insight and a willingness to keep going

🌟your dreams are vivid, and you have a new sense of your own innate psychic abilities… you’re having so many synchronicities that you can no longer deny your own potential and experience

🌟you feel like something Wonderful is about to Happen but you can’t put your finger on it!

🌟and you are beginning to feel a new calmness inside you that is present along side the tension… you can FEEL it!

The last six days of energy, today’s is at the top

🌈All is well… and whether we know it or not, wonderful things are happening ☀️  breathe…