From Letters to a beautiful friend🌈✉

…I have a “what if” for you and everyone else… something that I recently learned from a native elder who talked about the history of the rainbow. He mentioned that red is the TOP color, and it set me to thinking… could it be possible that we have FLIPPED the colors of the chakras, and red is on TOP, while the white and purple-indigo belong to the legs and the genitals below?

I’ve been delving into it, and our innate relationship with the colors themselves influences how we feel about the body parts they are associated with… so if we flip the colors back to the natural alignment with the rainbow, we find that the head lands on the red zone, and now, lines like ‘hot headed’ make sense… also, when we look at the colors that create calm in us, and ground us, we see that blue and green align with earth and nature, and hence draw us INTO the earth itself and ground us… so indigo to blue for the legs and genitals would ‘cool’ that area for us psychologically, and help us redefine our relationship with that lower part of our body and the living earth below 💜💙💚💛🧡❤ #waveoflove

….now image the BLUE, right at the core, as it cools and soothes the center, so much like that feeling we get when we drink water… reminding us to drink life in…💙

The heart 💚 remains the same 🙏 thank you #waveoflove