All that you receive, is equal to what you emit.

You create your reality… the more you focus on it, the more you bring IT into existence… into the material and experiential world, as you emit that signal out of your body.

What would you consider obvious?

What would you think is worthy of your attention?

Does whatever it is have to appear in LOTS, or is it enough for you to have just a small natural impulse that helps you check yourself before things get out of control… out of your control… in any direction?

Do you think… believe… that you need certain ‘things’ in order for something to BE true?

And at what point does something BECOME true?

Is it when you’ve experience it yourself?

Or is it when you start BELIEVING that it is part of you and your experience?

Which comes first… the belief or the experience?

The experience or the belief?

This is the ultimate chicken and egg scenario… yet… here is far more surety than that old riddle… for in your materialized expression of LIFE and LIVING, nothing can happen before you think it into place… energy ALWAYS precedes stuff!

However, your current relationship with how you BELIEVE your ‘real life’ works, is hindering the actual movement of your own experiences, as you still believe that things lead to changes, when all along changes in energy lead to things.
TAP on the sides of your head, above the temples and declare…

“I now release myself from my belief of how the ‘real world’ works”

“I now release myself from my illusion of real life”

“I now release myself from my belief in how things work'”

Now tap on your heart and repeat…

“I am safe to think new thoughts ”

“I am open to new possibilities ”

“I am safe, and I am a really good person ”

#GiveUpPain #StressRelief #TapLikeAMofo