I will give you words

Words that I will weave into voiceless lullabies …that only you will hear

Cascades of flawless notes, spilling from my heart, falling lightly at your ear

Your hands, once troubled and unsure,
will find solace in the silken threads of my hair …loose themselves within these sun-kissed tangles

I will give you tenderness

A sheltered place at my heart, dear one, for your tears to fall upon

Your eyes, that have longed for surrender, will know splendour
in my reflection of Blue

I will give you hope

that tomorrow is yet untouched and pure, free of overcast skies, and thoughts that bind you

For my Love will fall down like fresh linen upon your skin, a filigree of delicate shimmering strands of silver and gold …blanketing you from all that you think you fear

with all my love & 
all that I am

Kasia Kaminska