To the best of my recollection, my life as I know it, began on the day of my accident; the day I only made it halfway across the street… and in the chaos that followed, the day I realized at the young age of seven, that there was indeed something much more, something far greater and Divine, that was supporting me and the life that I that I was living. Following that day, I felt the MORENESS of our world. I understood that there was more to this life than what I could see with my physical eyes. I had a strong inner compass guiding me in the direction I wanted to go, and there were things I intuitively knew, no matter how improbable they may have seemed at the time, I just knew.

Throughout my life I have communicated with the Divine Energetic ALL-THAT-IS in many ways. I could see energy in its different forms from an early age, and I began automatic writing around the age of eleven. I’ve always felt a deep connection to Divinity and searched out that connection with Source, first through religion and later through mediation and broader spiritual practices and studies. But it is only now that I am ready, and tremendously excited, to share this part of myself with you.

And so I move forward to this present NOW moment, for indeed this is the only moment that matters.

My name is Kasia Kaminska, my friends call me Ka.

I am a mother to three beautiful daughters who light up my life and remind me every day that Love is a real, tangible thing which is ever expanding and unconditional. I am so incredibly happy to be sharing my journey with these three beautiful souls; I am overjoyed that I get to be their mother in this lifetime.

I am a writer, a weaver of words, and the creator of DRIVERS SEAT…a time traveling manual, creating a harmonic convergence between the physical manifested SELF and the yet unmanifested spirit Consciousness that is light, that is love, that is ALL that there IS. I adore words, I love how language can express intricate emotions and perspectives, how words can unite us, and I’m excited to see where we will go as we develop further and further into our psychic, 5th dimensional HU-KIND selves; as we begin to move into the language of Love, into heart centered communication where language is no longer just spoken but felt.

Working alongside my loving partner, Dan Brooks, the love of my life, I am a Stress, Anxiety & Trauma Release specialist helping people rediscover their wellness and health through physical, emotional, and spiritual awareness at Giveuppain.com 💙

I am also a channel, transcribing and connecting to the loving energies of my Higher Self… to our united common SOURCE. I am so incredibly happy to be deepening my connection to these energies as I practice this beautiful art of allowing. I am truly in love with this whole process.

I, like you, am love… infinite, Multiversal ONE-LOVE-LIGHT
I, like you, am ALL-THAT-IS

I, like you, am an individual and unique, but also intricately connected and part of ALL THAT THERE IS… as are YOU… for we are ALL ONE…and we are all connected.

I can feel, even now, that there is so much yet undiscovered. I feel the potential of our beingness… I’m beginning to truly feel my own infinite nature, and it makes me wonderfully excited as to what will come next. This whole process of awakening has been far more delicious than I’d ever expected.

Because you see, I’ve been feeling better and better… and I can feel, as real as the truest knowing I’ve ever had, that this really is only the tip of the iceberg… for all of us.

As we open ourselves up to the reality that ALL IS POSSIBLE and ALL IS LOVE, and we begin to fully love ourselves, we finally understand that the potential for what we can achieve is limited only by our belief in our own potential, that the possibilities of what we can experience are unlimited, and the amount of love that is available to us is infinite!

This is a time of great shifting, of awaking to our true capabilities and potential, and realizing ourselves as the Master Creators we are. As one of us wakes up, the light that we shine intensifies and radiates out into the world, into the Multiverse. This light of self realization, of self actualization and pure unconditional love beams so bright that it signals a new morning, a new awakening for us all.

…with so much love for each of you,

Ka. 🌈❤