Today was a lovely day filled with beautiful people and some wonderful sessions that filled up my day with love, purpose and good company!

I’m feeling so blessed right now, thank you to the sunshine that warms and recharges me as I move through each part of my day.

Thank you my beautiful guides, who lead my every moment, who make the path bright as I walk upon it.

Thank you to the forest which sustains me, to the soft earth beneath my feet which supports each and every step.

Thank you to the trees that surround me, I can feel their blessed energy shining bright, I can feel the warm sensation of it as I press my palm against the coarse surface, that outer skin of bark and wood.

How truly blessed we are to have such beauty at our fingertips.

I have so much love for this beautiful planet, for the trees and the birds and the animals who move through it. And those are the things I can see with my eyes, and yet I can feel through the internal compass of my heart, that there is greater magic, greater mystery hidden here in plain sight…waiting for the right eyes to discover


So much love and light to each and every one of you.

Kasia Kaminska

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