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KASIA KAMINSKA is the author of DRIVERS SEAT...a time traveling manual and a Stress & Trauma Relief Specialist and guide facilitating those along their personal path to healing, empowerment and self-realization. ~~~ Kasia offers services in Intuitive Counseling through one to one Energetic Sessions. Together with her loving partner Dan Brooks, Kasia also offers and facilitates GiveUpPain Learning Seminars awakening and releasing the human spirit, as well as tapping into the full potential of Loving~Self through the release of trauma and the overcoming of stress, both inner and outer. ~~~ Relief and Solutions are our motto! ~~~ To schedule an Energetic Session, or to book Kasia and Dan to come visit your community please contact us at giveuppain@gmail.DOTcom ~~~ And to purchase our premium All Natural KAMINSKA CHAGA Products, please visit us at ~ 🌿🌸

You Are Infinite

There is a little place inside your heart, a space that is eternal, a space that is both physical and non-physical.

A space that, in entering it, you become ONE

…one with all that is…

We encourage you now to place yourself …your consciousness… into that space.

TAP on your heart and repeat…

“I now release myself from my less-than-ness”

“I now release myself from my illusion of separateness”

“I now release myself from my belief that I am alone in this moment”

“I am safe”

“I am United with All that is”

“I am in harmony with everything and everyone and this is going to be the BEST day of my life”
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Trust Your Senses

You have 6 senses

Your ability to SEE, HEAR, TASTE, SMELL, TOUCH…


Your ability to feel… Your Emotions

TAP on the back of your head and declare…

“I now release myself from my fear of feeling”

“I now release myself from my belief that I only have five senses”

“I now release myself from my fear of myself”

TAP on your heart and repeat…

“I am open”

“I am ready ”

“I am safe to feel”
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There Is Always a Way Out

No matter the circumstances, or the way you are currently feeling, there is always a way out… and the way you feel right now, will not be the way you feel later on, when you find yourself once again in another part of the overall production.

No one thing is better or worse than another, only your interpretation of these events and circumstances ever decree which is good and which is not good, or rather… which is favourable and what is unfavourable.
TAP on your forehead and declare…

“I now release myself from my belief in good and bad”

“I now release myself from my judgement of myself”

“I now release my need to judge myself”

TAP on your heart and repeat…

“I am safe to feel all my emotions ”

“I am a good person”

“I am open to the flow of my own life”
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You Recieve All That You Ask For

All that you receive, is equal to what you ask…

You create your reality… the more you focused on it, the more you brought IT into existence… into the material and experiential world.

What would you consider obvious?

What would you think is worthy of your attention… does whatever it is have to appear in LOTS or is it enough for you to have just a small natural impulse that helps you check yourself before things get out of control… out of your control.

Do you think… believe… that you need certain ‘things’ in order for something to BE true?

And at what point does something BECOME true?

Is it when you’ve experience it yourself?

Or is it when you start BELIEVING that it is part of you and your experience?

Which comes first… the belief or the experience?

The experience or the belief?

This is the ultimate chicken and egg scenario… yet… here is far more surety then that old riddle… for in your materialized expression of LIFE and LIVING …nothing can happen before you think it into place… energy ALWAYS precedes stuff.

However, your current relationship with how you BELIEVE your ‘real life’ works, is hindering the actual movement of your own experiences, as you still believe that things lead to changes, when all along changes in energy lead to things.
TAP on the sides of your head, above the temples and declare…

“I now release myself from my belief of how the ‘real world’ works”

“I now release myself from my illusion of real life”

“I now release myself from my belief in how things work'”

Now tap on your heart and repeat…

“I am safe to think new thoughts ”

“I am open to new possibilities ”

“I am safe, and I am a really good person ”


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You Are The Creator

You are the creator.

Everything is created twice… first in your mind as a single thought, and then second in physical form.

The sooner you learn that you are in control of your emotions, the sooner you will be happy.

It is your choice.

People sometimes say that a certain person “makes them so mad”…but no, that person does not make you mad, you make yourself mad. You have the freedom of choice to get mad or stay calm, your thoughts control your emotions.

     Take another example… imagine a ten-foot long, six-inch wide wooden beam laid across the floor in front of you… you could easily walk across it without falling off. Now picture that same beam stretched across two thirty-story buildings… and now picture yourself having to walk across it.

Notice the difference?

Do you feel some apprehension, maybe even a little fear?

What changed?

Just your thought.

But that thought creates real things inside your body. Cortisol produced from your adrenal glands over long periods of time tears down your entire body.

Yes it can literally kill you.

When our bodies lack adequate levels of serotonin and beta-endorphins, that balance out our brain chemistry, we may feel hopeless, sad, depressed, touchy to criticism, offended, crave sugar and alcohol and feel isolated and lonely – all signs of depression. Alcohol and refined sugar only exacerbate symptoms of depression.

How do you get your body working properly, because you cannot be happy with a toxic, unhealthy body.

So how can you be happy?

TAP and release yourself from your resistive, painful thoughts…

Tap on your forehead and declare…

“I now release myself from my painful, resistive thoughts”

“I now release myself from my negative thinking”

“I now release myself from all thoughts that are resistant in nature ”

“I am open, I am ready, and I am safe to think new thoughts”

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“Yes, dear one… it is safe for you to feel.


Pure one… one of light and love, one who will not hurt those who hurt you, one who loves and keeps loving, one who lights up those who are not lighted, and lifts up those who have not yet stood on their own, but who you know one day will… there is nothing that you have ever done that states, you should not have a beautiful life.”


DRIVERS SEAT …a time traveling manual (page 105)

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“So I don’t mind say, calling mySelf god, or letting you call me Source, or the Collective… and we see that you have attached much to those names… but that in fact, they are in themselves meaningless.

You attach meaning to everything, even the name you wear… but this is all that you are doing, you are putting on the outfit of YOU, and taking off that outer cohesive identity. You will discover that there is greater depth to you than the name you have attached to yourself.”
TAP on your heart and declare… “I now RELEASE myself from my need for labels”


DRIVERS SEAT …a time traveling manual (page 227)

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DRIVERS SEAT Energy Update

Hello friends… the energy has been high today, so if your feeling uneasy, or anxious… if your body is aching and your mind feels cloudy… have no fear, you’re feeling the collective energy of humanity as we move through this tangible, real energy in our environment. I’m attaching a current photo of the Schumann resonance from the monitoring station in Russia to help you see the active energy all around us.

TAP and release yourself from whatever comes up in you at this time… if you’re feeling it then theres a belief in you that is currently being triggered by these pulses… use this time to create yourself anew as you CLEAR and CLEAN your inner environment.


#TapLikeAMofo #GiveUpPain #schuman #frequency

You are #safe



Good morning beautiful souls… may you shine your light into every corner of the world… as you remember who you are…

This #DriversSeatLift is for you…

“So repeat to yourself often, and to the point that you actually feel these words in your body viscerally…

I am a good person.
I am a loving person.
I am goodness, compassion, mercy, and understanding.
I am peace, joy, and light.
I am a big, big love.
More and more, I understand how I move in this creative Multiverse.
I am whole and complete.


Take a little time, and let this all settle in.


#DriversSeat #ItsTime to #GiveUpPain and become the best version of yourself in the physical time space #reality


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