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Kasia Kaminska

KASIA KAMINSKA is the author of DRIVERS SEAT...a time traveling manual and a Stress & Trauma Relief Specialist and guide facilitating those along their personal path to healing, empowerment and self-realization. ~~~ Kasia offers services in Intuitive Counseling through one to one Energetic Sessions. Together with her loving partner Dan Brooks, Kasia also offers and facilitates GiveUpPain Learning Seminars awakening and releasing the human spirit, as well as tapping into the full potential of Loving~Self through the release of trauma and the overcoming of stress, both inner and outer. ~~~ Relief and Solutions are our motto! ~~~ To schedule an Energetic Session, or to book Kasia and Dan to come visit your community please contact us at giveuppain@gmail.DOTcom ~~~ And to purchase our premium All Natural KAMINSKA CHAGA Products, please visit us at ~ 🌿🌸

It’s time for a Chat!

It’s Tuesday friends!
And that means we’ll be coming to you soon from our TMB, our Transcendental Meditation Box for another wonderful CHAGA & A CHAT! ☕☕💕

You make all the difference

Watch “Chaga and a chat Message of Hope” on YouTube

Join us this week in building this beautiful #waveoflove

Enjoy 💕

Dearest friends, IMPORTANT NEWS!

As the days progress, and we all find ourselves in our own company, separate from the very things and people we love, we want you to know that you are so loved, and that regardless of how things may currently seem…we add so much to this world as we turn to optimism and each other.

There is so much goodness in this world! And to celebrate that, and bring our awareness back to the positive potentials of our own experiences, for a limited time, we have made DRIVERS SEAT …a time traveling manual AVAILABLE FOR FREE DOWNLOAD!!!👏💗

So please follow this link, and download your own copy of DRIVERS SEAT onto your phone, and allow the words within to soothe you, and to help you imagine a Beautiful New World🌊🌊💗 🌍💗🌊🌊

Let’s Create a #waveoflove and share DRIVERS SEAT with everyone!


This is especially for you, released to you at this most important time in our conscious evolution. Use this to uplift you… download it onto your phone, and if there is ever a time that the internet is not available, use it to support you, to uplift you and remind you that there is ‘nothing to worry’ about 🌿🌊🌊💗🌍🌊🌊💕

Turn to your tools

This is definitely the time to turn to our tools…you’ve been practicing for this moment, this is why you discovered the tools you have, so that you would find your own stability in this, doing what you do, showing those that you love that you’re safe, that they are safe and that there are ways to manage our tension during this, we’ve got this… you got this… this will pass, never second guess yourself, release yourself from your personal fears and stand ready for your new life. How you feel is everything right now ❤️

Remember this one thing…

When all else may feel unfavourable, turn to this ONE thing… you are safe… REMEMBER WHO YOU ARE… Love Made Real.

Liberate yourself from any and all painful thoughts…

Feel your own stability, your own sense of knowing that grows inside you as that calm voice of reason that uplifts you and gives you hope speaks to you in every moment.

You are so deeply loved… allow this possibility 🌊🌊🌍💕🌊🌊



Let’s keep in mind, that the new world will be, and is being currently created by, each and everyone of us…. as we envision the future… as we talk about it… as we move in our daily lives from one room to the next, each thought about yourself and the world around you, contributes to the overall collective evolution and structure of our future environment and experiences.

So let’s create a new conversation, one that uplifts you, and gives you the grandest version of what is possible for ALL of us 🌍🌊🌊💕

Begin to see the world as a HOUSE… a grand home that we all have a room on… each Nation and Culture a unique extension of the Whole

Together Let’s Release all fears within you, and know that whatever is ahead for us all, is decided by the individual experience and EXISTANCE of each individual.

✨💖✨ We Matter… and our deciding chooses our Collective highest expression of FUTURE 💗

🌿share the Love, and let’s change the course of our own experiences!

See you all, TONIGNT at 8pm @GiveUpPainNow on Facebook Live

We’re LIVE at 11! 💕

With just a few hours away, we’re busy putting together our new show!! See you at 11💗💗💗💗💗😀🙂


We are so happy that we can make ourselves Live and Available for this unique experience and opportunity to connect with you for an afternoon of READING & RELEASES and so much more!

We will be onLine, answering questions, taking BOOKINGS for 50% off our regular show price, and sharing with you some wonderful insights, and revelations from DRIVERS SEAT💕 and the collective consciousness.

🌿share the L💗ve …we are all in this together 🙏🌍

Dan and Kasia

No More Distraction

Words that will fill you… support you and reveal you. Words to bring you back to yourself, and remember what you’ve always known deep inside.

This is our gift to you… in times when you feel separated, we want you to know that we are infinity connected to one another.

You add so much to this world

You are beautiful

You are kind, good, and compassionate

And as you shine… as you be who you always felt inside you are… you create a NEW word, a new paradigm of what we will all be.

We L💙VE You 🌊💕🌊


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