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Kasia Kaminska

Kasia Kaminska is the author of DRIVERS SEAT...a time traveling manual, Stress & Trauma Relief Specialist, and guide, facilitating those along their personal path to healing, empowerment and self-realization. Together with her loving partner Dan Brooks, Kasia offers and facilitates GiveUpPain Learning Seminars and Workshops awakening, empowering, and releasing the human spirit, as well as tapping into the full potential of Loving~Self through the release of trauma and the overcoming of stress, both inner and outer. ~~~ Relief and Solutions are our motto! ~~~ To schedule a Session, or to book Kasia and Dan to come visit your community please contact us at 👉 ~~~ Visit us at 🌿🌸

Episode 2 💛 Let’s Start by Releasing the Pain 💛

✨Are you ready for another wonderful opportunity to connect on the FeelingPath?!!

Here it is friends, episode 2 of the FeelingPath ILLUMINATED podcast; “Let’s start by releasing the pain💗”

Happy Friday everyone,

We Love You✨💛💛✨ #waveoflove

NEW FeelingPath ILLUMINATED Podcast!☀️

✨Everything has a beginning; Welcome to the FeelingPath ILLUMINATED Podcast!✨


We Love You 💛💛✨

Stand in your LOVE

Grand rising our beautiful friends ✨☀️

Remember that LOVE is multidimensional and infinite in nature, it IS who you are…

When you stand in LOVE, you radiate compassion, and the world has to shift to this powerful energy ✨

Today, spend some time in this feeling of LOVE, explore the possibilities as you tRt anything that comes up as a result… this is how you fine-tune your energy, and in that way, life✨

We Love You 💛💛✨

Let go of your fear

…I awoke this day to a big realization; the storm within will always create a storm outside of me.

What I feel about the world, and myself, on every level, impacts what my world looks like, and how it interacts directly with me.

So when I’m afraid, than there is nothing wrong happening as I witness and experience fearful things, it’s not personal, its just a reflection of what I’m truly feeling-expecting.

I also recognize that, like a ripple on a pond, my energetic ripples travel out from me, and grow… getting bigger and stronger the further away they get… these same ripples, magnified, collide with others who match up to our frequency-feelings-expectations, fulfilling whatever desire lives within that.

So in order for me to a have a peaceful outer experience, I must quell the inner storm that lives within me, thereby bringing peace to my physical world-experience.

✨tRt ~TAP & Release…

Even though I am feeling helpless, while my fears come true… I deeply and completely love and accept myself

Even though, I am currently creating from my fear, I forgive myself for that

Even though, I am caught in my fear, and creating helplessness I deeply and completely love and accept myself

I now release myself from feeling helpless to my fear

I now release myself, and I release my subconscious mind, from creating from fear

I now release myself from my fear

I now release myself from seeing my world through fear

I now release my inner child from feeling afraid

I now release myself from my habit of feeling undeserving and afraid

I now release myself from my habit of creating from fear

I now release myself from my need to create from fear








It’s Okay to have a bad day

“I’m depressed again and want to go off the planet 🌎”

Dearest friends, yes, we can feel the tension in the Collective as well, the sky is clear, but we aren’t yet… and much still has to shift in that more “physical world” before we feel a relief within and are able to hold it there…

Think of it this way, you feel the off-ness because you’re a BIG LOVE, and people who are big loves feel a lot, so when there’s suffering in the world, when children are still in pain, and families go hungry and cold, a part of our big hearts FEELS this, because we love so much…

So take heart, take each day separately, and find whatever small things you can feel grateful for… it doesn’t matter how “small” everyone and everything matters 🌏🌈💗

This is a dynamic and oftentimes, difficult time… but this is ALSO the time to dive deep, and consistantly turn to the tools that work for you…

TAP and release yourself from your own resistance to change…

“I now release myself from resisting my own changes”

TAP and release yourself from feeling afraid and powerless in determining your future…

“I now release myself from feeling afraid of my own creating”

“I now release myself from feeling powerless to create my OWN future”

TAP and release yourself from your own Self Destruct Button…

“I now release myself from all subconscious and subliminal programs that keep me Self Destructing”

“I now release myself from my self destruct button”

“I now release myself from my need to sabotage and self destruct”






A lot of people are feeling this way, but the thing to do here, is to feel it but not be overtaken-moved by it…

It’s safe to have a bad day, and it doesn’t mean you have to give the whole thing up… this is a beautiful game we’re-you’re playing, and the faster you come into alignment with this, the faster you will feel overall relief 🙏💜

🦋🦋✨💛✨ We Love You 🌈#waveoflove

Chin up, reach out, you’re never alone in this 🌍💛

Good evening dearest friends ✨💛💛✨ this had been a VERY busy time for so many of us, but the active energy in our environment is rapidly changing, rising and evolving us all.

You may have noticed that the usual sources of information are no longer reliable, leaving us with the uncomfortable feeling that we don’t know what’s going on…

However, your body is feeling it, and at times puts you in a state of tension and discomfort. But this will pass… eventually, and in the meantime, we must take compassionate care of ourselves and each other.

Chin up friends, reach out to each other, we’re never alone in this!

If you feel lonely or overwhelmed, reach out and call a friend, let us know, and let’s help each other.

✨🌈We Love You

🌈My Gift

🌈My Gift
…a poem I wrote some years ago…

I will give you words.

Words that I will weave into voiceless lullabies, that only you will hear.
Cascades of flawless notes spilling from my lips, falling lightly at your ear.

Your hands, once frantic and brash, will find solace in the silken threads of my hair. Loose themselves within these sunkissed tangles.

I will give you warmth.

A sheltered place at my heart for your tears to fall.

Your eyes that have longed for surrender, will know splendor in my reflection of blue.

I will give you hope.

Hope, that tomorrow is yet untouched and pure, free of overcast skies spilling with thunderous regret.
For my rain will fall like fresh linen upon your skin, a filigree of delicate shimmering strands, silver and gold, blanketing you from all that you think you fear…

~ Kasia Kaminska 💙

You’re going to be ok 🌏💗 hold on…

🦋🦋💗 this is hard, we know… so hold on, ALL IS WELL… just keep dreaming that better feeling into place, and know that this whole thing 🌈🌍 is shifting, and EVERYONE who is called, WILL THRIVE.


We Love You #waveoflove

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Are you feeling unexplained pain in your body? 💛🌈

We’re noticing that many of you are experiencing sudden back pain, body pain, and feeling of pressure…

Hmmm so interesting…

Our feeling, as we tap into the collective, is that the last overall spike in energy was an indication that our planet had a big growth spurt. The schuman-energy spike, the sudden growth of our planet, and our bodies changing and shifting happen simultaneously!

As you can see in the graphs below, especially the red one, is that we are getting pulsed more and more each day, and as we do, we are literally adjusting and adapting to the changes in our gravity, pressure, and the overall quality of the “air” energy around us.

With an increase of pressure caused by an increase in gravitational force, there is an innate-natural physical need for the body to change-shift as the body HAS to adapt in order to survive.

This sudden feeling of inner and outer change would account for the emotional spike radiating from the hu-kind collective because as the gravitational forces change, and our bodies have to rapidly adjust, there is much sensation, which can be interpreted by one who is already in tension, as pain in the body. In other words, this FEELS like something!

💗So we would suggest that you reassure yourself with new, uplifting statements like…

“I woke up this morning, which means I’ve made the choice to stay! Which means that I am PART of this evolution, and I am eager for all the wonderful things that are yet to BE as I allow myself to flow with this!”

“This is just like learning to walk… I can move through these growing-pains with ease and grace”

“I am guided and protected and so very much loved!”

We L💙ve you

it’s time to tRt – Tap and Release 🗝
it’s time to

We are all connected and evolving 🌈

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