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Kasia Kaminska

Kasia Kaminska is the author of DRIVERS SEAT...a time traveling manual, Stress & Trauma Relief Specialist, and guide, facilitating those along their personal path to healing, empowerment and self-realization. Together with her loving partner Dan Brooks, Kasia offers and facilitates GiveUpPain Learning Seminars and Workshops awakening, empowering, and releasing the human spirit, as well as tapping into the full potential of Loving~Self through the release of trauma and the overcoming of stress, both inner and outer. ~~~ Relief and Solutions are our motto! ~~~ To schedule a Session, or to book Kasia and Dan to come visit your community please contact us at 👉 ~~~ Visit us at 🌿🌸

Releasing Fear of Change

Dearest friends, if you find yourself up against changes that are confusing or tense, and things are changing faster then you believe you can handle… here is our technique to help you release that tension and stress.

Begin by taping on the forehead following the natural ‘baseball cap-line’, which means tap on the forehead, then the top of the head, then the back, then over the ears, and back to the front of the face, under the eyes, then under the nose, on the chin, and then down to the heart 💗 the wonderful thing is, you can’t get this wrong!

Start at the forehead and TAP, and repeat after me…

“I now release myself from feeling afraid of my changing perspective.”

“I now release myself from feeling afraid of my changing reality.”

“I now release myself from feeling afraid of change.”

👉Keep repeating this process for each statement as you tap all the way to the heart 💖

Once at the heart, say, and feel, these words;

I am calm
I am ease
I am good
I am compassionate
I am safe
I am always in the right place, at the right time
I am confident

Things are always working out for me!

Well done! Now you’re TAPPING!

tRt to #GiveUpPain

#StressRelief #attheEndofFear

You’ve always had the power within you

A Channelled Message for this New Year and Beyond

A Channelled Message 💗

We’re so excited! Here’s our new video! Enjoy and please share 💕this #waveoflove

A Message from 1981💕

…from that time, to now… remember who you are

“Here you are today, after countless lives on this planet, seeking the Holy Grail, still searching for the Paradise that was lost. And yet, it has always been with you.

You have simply forgotten your identity.

You were born initially of Spirit, and you will be born again when you realize Who and What you are.

The more you are aware of this indwelling Spirit, the greater the inflow of spiritual energy and power into your mind and heart.

This Cosmic Consciousness has always been you, but you have been asleep to it. Now you must awaken. You must feel the warmth of Love in your heart. You must sense the imprisoned splendour of your True Nature. You must throw open the prison doors, and release the Power.

Let it be Itself.

Let it be Yourself!

This Life, Light, Power, Love has forever been within you. Even when you fell into the dream of mortality and lost your awareness of the Presense, it did not leave you. No, you left your Self and began a journey into darkness. But even then, the spark of Divine Truth remained in your deeper mind.”

👏💕 these beautiful words are from the book THE SUPER BEINGS by John Randolph Price. #waveoflove #thebestisyettocome #bookswelove

Message of Love

Dearest friends, a Message of Love, Welcome to Monday December 21st 2020, Merry Christmas! 🌍💕


it’s time to

Follow the link 👇💕

Current Pressure 💕

Good morning friends… we want to show you a video that will show you the pressure on our planet right now… no fear, simply understanding, so you know why you may have a hard time breathing, and why everyone is experiencing the pain and discomfort right now in their bodies…

You’re safe…

We’re evolving…

Keep releasing density, which means lighten your diet, lighten your emotions, reach for calm as often as you can, avoid processed foods, anger, and anxiety and drink lots of water to help this grand expansion of our bodies.

Reassure yourself, and those around you, that they too are safe, and that the sensations we are currently feeling, are a natural part of a much greater process.

We love you 💗 #waveoflove 🌈🌍 #thebestisyettocome

Current Solar Energy & Its Effects!

To give you a sense of ‘why’ you may be feeling ‘depressed’…emotionally and physically exhausted, sore, nauseated and dizzy… all these things have a common source… and you’re seeing part of it in this photo 🌍☀️

That tiny dot is our planet in proportion to our sun… as you can see, we’re currently experiencing large amounts of solar energy hitting the earth… it’s big enough that several real-time graphs have missing data, as you can see from the Russian Schumann resonance graph below.

All this means is that we’re actively, and quickly evolving… as each individual must adjust and adapt, both physically and emotionally, to this ongoing energy.

You are evolving.

You’re safe… especially when you reinforce to yourself that you’re ‘not dying’ because you feel the way you do.

Keep going, heart and eyes uplifted… and know the true nature of why you are here at this time 🌎🌈 #waveoflove #thebestisyettocome

The Best Is Yet To Come

We’re going through so much lately… at times it seems like everything is being turned upside down. Some of you, especially the ones who are beginning to feel and understand collective energy, have felt the intensity and the depression-like feelings that come with it. #ItsTimeForAChange

Yes… these are challenging times… but we must take this depression energy and shift it, as we personally release whatever still ‘depresses’ us in our life, and fill that new space with the potential of something new and beautiful.

What would you like to ‘paint’ into this world?

What do you want life to feel-look like?

Spend some time today, and each day, envisioning a new, beautiful, uplifted version of reality… one built on the principals of Love, Compassion, Understanding, Unity, Wisdom, and Beauty and let’s send out such a strong pulse, that the entire collective, the living world as we know it, that EVERYONE will feel it! 🌈 🕊 #waveoflove #thebestisyettocome

How are you feeling through this Solar Event?

Something interesting… friends this will DEFINITELY have an impact on the way you feel… so take a deep breath, and remind yourself that you are evolving!#waveoflove 💕

I shared this with friends privately, and now I’d like to say this to all of you…

Go visit this mans site, and have a look at the videos to do with this solar event… we’re in it friends 🌎

Just keep in mind, this is not a fear thing, he’s a little scared by this all, and doesn’t understand the innate evolution of what’s happening, so he’s coming from some fear… but the data is good, and needs to be shared.💗 If you’re having any symptoms, and chances are you do, these are the signs of purging, please understand that your body is fast adapting to these massive energies, and that feels like something… but you’re supported, guided and protected and deeply loved through this process 🤍 so tend to your body and reassure yourself often, that YOU’RE OK, and that EVERYONE on the planet is feeling some portion of this.You’re not dying.You’re experiencing massive amounts of ‘stress’ that is propelling your body into a new level of integraty and physical being.You’re going to be ok ❤…breathe

Are you experiencing sudden back-pain?

We’re noticing that many of you are experiencing sudden back pain, body pain, and feeling of pressure…

Hmmm so interesting…

Our feeling, as we tap into the collective, is that the last Schumann spike was an indication that our planet had a big growth spurt. The schuman spike and the sudden growth of our planet happened simultaneously.

Now its been a few days, and we are litterly adjusting and adapting to the change in our gravity.

With an increase of pressure caused by an increase in gravitational force, there is an innate physical need for the body to change as the body HAS to adapt in order to survive.

This sudden feeling of inner and outer change would account for the emotional spike radiating from the hu-kind collective because as the gravitational forces change, and our bodies have to rapidly adjust, there is much sensation, which can be interpreted by one who is already in tension, as pain in the body.

💗So we would suggest that you reassure yourself with new, uplifting statements like…

“I woke up this morning, which means I’ve made the choice to stay! Which means that I am PART of this evolution, and I am eager for all the wonderful things that are yet to BE as I allow myself to flow with this!”

“This is just like learning to walk… I can move through these growing-pains with ease and grace”

“I am guided and protected and so very much loved!”

We L💙ve you

it’s time to tRt – Tap and Release 🗝it’s time to #waveoflove

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