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Kasia Kaminska

KASIA KAMINSKA is the author of DRIVERS SEAT...a time traveling manual and a Stress & Trauma Relief Specialist and guide facilitating those along their personal path to healing, empowerment and self-realization. ~~~ Kasia offers services in Intuitive Counseling through one to one Energetic Sessions. Together with her loving partner Dan Brooks, Kasia also offers and facilitates GiveUpPain Learning Seminars awakening and releasing the human spirit, as well as tapping into the full potential of Loving~Self through the release of trauma and the overcoming of stress, both inner and outer. ~~~ Relief and Solutions are our motto! ~~~ To schedule an Energetic Session, or to book Kasia and Dan to come visit your community please contact us at giveuppain@gmail.DOTcom ~~~ And to purchase our premium All Natural KAMINSKA CHAGA Products, please visit us at ~ 🌿🌸

It’s Time to Float

Let love lead you

As you always have

You are a good, good person… loving is a fun and easy way for you to be who you be, and the more you allow yourself this, the more you will find that it’s true for you, and as soon as you do, a new feeling will FLOW🌊YOU, and you’ll float effortlessly into a new version of Life and Living 💙 #waveoflove


Welcome to Conversations with SOURCE

via Welcome to Conversations with SOURCE

Follow the above 👆 link for your Channeled Message ♥️💕 #waveoflove

Our dear fellow beings, our friends in far off places, we invite you now to reach out and ask your questions and trust that the right answer is waiting, ripe for your receiving.

We don’t yet know how this will all turn out, or where this particular conversation will take us, but we can feel even now, as we stand in the infancy of what we consider our calling… that this IS the right path!

So with that in mind, and an open heart, and an eagerness for more, we invite you to reach out, from wherever you may be, ask your questions … and allow us to be your point of least resistance to the answer.


Kasia and Danny 

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From Letters to a Friend ~1

🙏thank you for sharing this #waveoflove 💕

via From Letters to a Friend ~1

From Letters to a Friend ~1

Think of yourself as a great-natural receiver, or organic antenna… and that you are currently picking up on, recieving, a specific frequency, channel, that is set to FEAR and ANXIETY. As your body picks-up on these invisible, yet very real and feelable, signals, it then interprets that data… and depending on your current beliefs about your body and your energy… you may misinterpret these signals to be IN your body, rather than coming AT your body… and so, you may begin to actually ‘feel’ anxious.

These same signals turn on, and bring to the surface any tension already existing IN your body, such as unresolved traumas, fears and stagnant ideas… as well as physical conditions that already exist in your body like stiffness, or preexisting conditions… so it feels like you’re suddenly feeling extra sensitive emotionally and physically, eventhough there may be little actual change in the seeable-physical space around you.

So know, and understand, that this is really happening to you, and in some ways, for you. Because as you feel whatever comes up, and release it (and we all have ways to do that) you actually heal what needs to be healed, and gives us the opportunity to actually take in the very beneficial portions of that same energy… because just like it can ‘push your buttons’ it also has the ability to push you FORWARD… and that friends, is truly exciting 🙏

🙏💕thank you for sharing this #waveoflove


Choose a Thought that Grows

Let this be a message to you, that you are no less than any that have walked this planet.

And we understand that this is not the first time we have offered these words, but if we don’t say it over and over, you’ll forget, and think that we never offered… so we offer and offer and offer until one day you decide that it is indeed true for you, and in that moment, you allow a new perspective, which is simply a new possibility, into your world, into that which you would call your present life.

So let all that mumbo-jumbo in your head go… you know the stuff; those words that are so negative in nature, like that sentence that just skipped through your mind, whispering nothing of value, yet taking all your feeling-goodness away.

That thought is a thief in the night, and it is, little by little, eroding your sense of inner calm and worthiness.

So treat it likewise, and give it no space in your house.

Let it leave your mind as it should, and invite a new thought to enter… one that grows and unfurls like a flower inside you 🌸 one that is gentle, soft and supportive… one that gives you something in its arrival; a deeper, more satisfying sense-feeling; yes!… it feels so good inside you, this new uplifting thought, so satisfying in its very nature and presence therein.

This is the thought you WANT to keep thinking!

This is the one you water, and make grow🌿

Written-Channeled by Kasia Kaminska 🌸 Ka 💕 #ReadingandRelease

♥️🙏thank you for sharing! #waveoflove


We’re back TONIGHT at 8pm @GiveUpPainNow Facebook live 💕

Hello friends! Moving with that intuitive flow, we are back tonight at 8pm for another wonderful conversation!

Bring your questions, and your open minds and let’s see where it takes us on tonight’s Chaga & a Chat ☕☕💕

#chagaandachat #waveoflove #GiveUpPain

We’re back TONIGHTat 8pm @GiveUpPainNow Facebook live 💕

Feeling Disconnected is an Illusion

There may be times, when you feel outside yourself, when you believe, falsely so, that you are disconnected from that greater part of you, from ALL-THAT-IS, from God, the Universe and everyone within it…

via Feeling Disconnected is an Illusion

Disconnection is an Illusion

Chaga & a Chat and a Reading for Everyone 💕

Chaga & a Chat and a Reading for the Collective 💕 #waveoflove

And here is our loving message to the Collective…

We begin with some turbulence, and a general feeling of scattered attention and lack of focus… but this is just the current energy, as much is happening all at once, and all physically-present feel this to some extent in their lives… we are all evolving.

This is a new beginning… as we turn our old paradigm into a new version of what we want our future to be. This is the time to embrace your true purpose and take a leap of faith on yourself.

It’s time to trust your inner guidance

It’s time to have confidence in yourself

This is about balancing your many selves, into one co-hesive self empowered creator… you have the skills, resources and guidance to manifest your world… to shape your experience in the ways that please you most.

You are ready!

Envision a new future 🌍🌿

Have patience with yourself and know that as you face each day with optimism and love for yourself and your life, that the hard work of releasing yourself and moving ever forward… CORRECT AND CONTINUE… will shift your energy, perspective, output and focus… this is what it feels like to be clear-minded, this is what it feels like to be confident in yourself while seeing the divine in all and everyone.

Give yourself a pat on the back… job well done! 💕 #waveoflove

I LOVE what I do 💕

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