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Kasia Kaminska

Kasia Kaminska is the author of DRIVERS SEAT...a time traveling manual, Stress & Trauma Relief Specialist, and guide, facilitating those along their personal path to healing, empowerment and self-realization. Together with her loving partner Dan Brooks, Kasia offers and facilitates GiveUpPain Learning Seminars and Workshops awakening, empowering, and releasing the human spirit, as well as tapping into the full potential of Loving~Self through the release of trauma and the overcoming of stress, both inner and outer. ~~~ Relief and Solutions are our motto! ~~~ To schedule a Session, or to book Kasia and Dan to come visit your community please contact us at 👉 ~~~ Visit us at 🌿🌸

Are you feeling unexplained pain in your body? 💛🌈

We’re noticing that many of you are experiencing sudden back pain, body pain, and feeling of pressure…

Hmmm so interesting…

Our feeling, as we tap into the collective, is that the last overall spike in energy was an indication that our planet had a big growth spurt. The schuman-energy spike, the sudden growth of our planet, and our bodies changing and shifting happen simultaneously!

As you can see in the graphs below, especially the red one, is that we are getting pulsed more and more each day, and as we do, we are literally adjusting and adapting to the changes in our gravity, pressure, and the overall quality of the “air” energy around us.

With an increase of pressure caused by an increase in gravitational force, there is an innate-natural physical need for the body to change-shift as the body HAS to adapt in order to survive.

This sudden feeling of inner and outer change would account for the emotional spike radiating from the hu-kind collective because as the gravitational forces change, and our bodies have to rapidly adjust, there is much sensation, which can be interpreted by one who is already in tension, as pain in the body. In other words, this FEELS like something!

💗So we would suggest that you reassure yourself with new, uplifting statements like…

“I woke up this morning, which means I’ve made the choice to stay! Which means that I am PART of this evolution, and I am eager for all the wonderful things that are yet to BE as I allow myself to flow with this!”

“This is just like learning to walk… I can move through these growing-pains with ease and grace”

“I am guided and protected and so very much loved!”

We L💙ve you

it’s time to tRt – Tap and Release 🗝
it’s time to

We are all connected and evolving 🌈

God Eternal Lives Within

🌿ALL-THAT-IS resides within all that is... 🌈 #waveoflove


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What if… Is it possible we live in a Binary Star System?

We’d like to present an idea to you… a potential WHAT IF? ✨

What if… we live in a BINARY star system, which means,
What if WE HAVE 2 SUNS? ☀️☀️

What if, we always used to know this, but because the 2nd, bigger sun, has a VERY long cycle (between 25,000 – 28,000 years) we have simply forgotten about it?

What if… all these current changes are happening as a result of the return of this second celestial body, as the sheer size and density of this second sun affects OUR sun, which then begins to actively send energy to us, shifting the planet and us along with it?

What if… we always knew this, and we tried to remeber, but time happens, and people forget, and during its 25,000+ year elliptical orbit we simply forgot about it until we began to believe that there was only one sun?

And what if, to make things more interesting, it turns out that this second sun is not always within our visible view, for it has a bigger, yet less visible spectrum of light, and we simply see so little of what is there ( we see only 1% of what is there) that as it approaches now, we are simply not seeing it… yet!

But, there have been several photos on the internet, where individuals, just regular people, have seen this 2nd sun! And that is exciting! But don’t take our word for it, go out there and search it for yourself, and then please share on here!! 💛💛👍

Below are two interpretations of this possibility that I have created for you to see and FEEL into…

…this is my representation of the possibility of what currently is… not to scale, simply to open the doorways of conversation ✨💛💛✨ #waveoflove
…this is the first time I felt into this possibility. I drew the image and recorded the messages-feelings that came with it… it co-relates to the above picture ✨☀️☀️✨ #waveoflove

This is something that we ask that you DO feel into, and allow your own inner guidance to lead you and answer this question…

“Is our sun a binary star?

Could THIS be the reason that we are advancing so quickly?

Could THIS be the reason that all the outer change and chaos is happening? That is giving us all these physical sensations?

Could this be the very thing that is putting pressure on the back side of our planet for months now, and similarly affecting our weather, earthquakes, and sun? We JUST had a tornado in Barrie! And more and more people are noticing that our sun is getting whiter!

Our oldest elders speak of this cycle, they know it exists… its only our modern world that refuses to look to what is already there.

We invite you to think a new thought, and share this with others… how does it feel?

…oftentimes the things ‘they’ talk about least, are the most relevant things happening to us ✨☀️☀️✨ (July 13th 2021)

What if…

And as always, our beautiful friends ✨💛💛✨ We Love You

What are you FEELING through this Shift?

Last one for the day friends (unless something important happens that you all need to know about ) we hope these posts have helped you through this big energetic day 💛

…although it’s important to feel into this, and each must decide how they feel and move accordingly… this energy has the potential to ‘upset’ your internal systems (although some insist otherwise, and believe that only machines and our technology are affected) more and more people are feeling the increased pressure and sensations that go with that.

Italian Observatory 1:44pm July 13th 2021

Common things we hear from our friends and clients…

🌟ringing in the ears (and it’s been getting louder)

🌟upset stomach, diarrhea or constipation and a change in appetite, especially when the energies are high

🌟sudden mood changes, again pushed to the surface to be released

Our bodies are being pushed into active detox, on every level, and that includes the emotions.

🌟pain in the body, bottoms of the feet, jaw, teeth, especially if you have lots of metal inside, sugar seems to amplify it

🌟sudden tiredness, or even extra energy out of nowhere, but it feels a little ‘over’ charged, like you’re about to burst out of your skin, itching and feeling suddenly hot or very, very cold

🌟you may also be feeling better, and very very clear. Things are becoming more and more understandable to you… you have new sudden insight and a willingness to keep going

🌟your dreams are vivid, and you have a new sense of your own innate psychic abilities… you’re having so many synchronicities that you can no longer deny your own potential and experience

🌟you feel like something Wonderful is about to Happen but you can’t put your finger on it!

🌟and you are beginning to feel a new calmness inside you that is present along side the tension… you can FEEL it!

The last six days of energy, today’s is at the top

🌈All is well… and whether we know it or not, wonderful things are happening ☀️  breathe…

EVENT MODE 🌈🌏 Preparing for The Shift

it’s time
Italian Observatory 11:44am July 13th 2021

Hello friends, busy day today! We are in EVENT MODE  there is a lot of energy coming in, and its been ongoing since last night.

Keep tapping and releasing ANYTHING that comes up, and take it easy today, especially on yourself.

This isn’t something we should feel nervous about… but it’s much like having a baby, you’re all excited but it’s new and you’re unsure, and there’s a lot of new demands on you… and that’s exactly what is happening now, as you’re being ‘asked’ (sometimes it feels more like a push lol) to evolve.

Russian Observatory 11:44am July 13th 2021

So take a deep breath… you’re doing just fine… this FEELS like something.

Go comfort someone, it always feels better to help someone else ♥️

Be the beauty you truly are, and welcome the physical sensations that come along with this (and by the way, solar-cosmic energy overwhelm feels much like flu or cold-like symptoms, what a coincidence )

🌈Wonderful Things Are Happening🌈

So when anything like that pops into physical view, tend to the outward symptoms, tap on the emotional underpinnings, and breathe easy knowing you’re right where you want to be💛

We Love You 💛☯️💛

Our New World 🌈🌏

“What would an enlightened sustainable world look like-our thinking & actions, taking responsibility?”

…this new world is built on compassion, understanding, wisdom, love and a deep sense of inner unity as each individual recognizes the innate blueprint, the Source of What-Is, within every other… and who honour our uniqueness because of that common center.

In this new world, we are Sovereign and guided by our innate moral center… we are good at the core, and in this new world, each of us knows it and lives from that center.

In this new paradigm we acknowledge that our planet is living, and we begin to place ‘god’ back into physical matter, as a result we see-feel the divinity within everthing, even a single blade of grass…

Dare to dream a better dream!

We honour each other and every living being, and if we are still participating in ‘eating meat’ then we are doing it with the upmost respect and a deep reverance for each life taken, whether it be animal, mineral or plant.

Our bodies are tuned to innate healing, and all conditions that are life draining are eliminated, unless one chooses to have an experience with something, the body remains favorable to life and living and will continue to evolve without the hindrance of pain and suffering.

All those that are present are tuned into Collective union, and there is a deep feeling of fellowship between each and every living being… the planet truly becomes, and is, tuned to thriving and life… and all systems run at their individual best, maintaining balance and harmony on all levels.

Variety will always be treasured; it is the full expression of our unique inner self, and we will see a world built on so much love and beauty, as those that are present, freed from their burdens, will create and re-create art, culture, and a new paradigm of being 💛✨

It’s time to step into this feeling, and fearlessly co-create a beautiful world 🌏🌈

You’ve got this!

You matter!

And you DO make a difference 💗

Ongoing Cosmic Activity and our Bodies 🌈🌀We’re Evolving!

We’re waking up today to some BIG incoming energies. Some of you may be aware that this is going on, while for some this may be the first you’re hearing about it, but since this December we have had the most intense and ongoing solar and cosmic activity to date.

From the Russian Observatory

This is having grand effects on us, although as a topic, it is being swept under the rug. The effects of this on our bodies are extensive, and largely mimic cold and flu like conditions in the body, but are in actuality, forcing our bodies into rapid and active detox.

So breathe deeply, and reassure yourself that you’re safe and no, your body is NOT breaking down, quite the opposite actually… but just like healing can have painful sensations, as can birth… this is causing ALL of us to become something new! 🌈🌏 We Love You 💛

☀️ as you wake up this morning you may be feeling the effects of last night’s, and this mornings ongoing energy 🌈🌀

Yes, it’s a big one folks, and we’re not done yet!

From the Italian Observatory

This may feel like something in your body, so tend to yourself and love your way into a new feeling and experience… we are all connected and evolving 💙🌀🌈

Tap on your heart and repeat these words outloud until you FEEL them…

“I now release myself from feeling pain on my evolutionary pathway”

“I now release my need to feel pain as I heal and grow”

“I now release myself from any and all pain in my body”






It is safe for you to be you 🌟 #waveoflove #thebestisyettocome #lovewins

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