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How Are You Feeling?💕

…can you pin point what you are feeling at any one time?

How about now?

💕 You seek clarity and stable footing, and all these are within you, now you just have to fully accept that you are actually creating your own Creative Reality, and that how you FEEL is the most important thing you can focus on!☀️

Here is a poweful NEW equation for you…


Follow this link for the whole message 🙏👆✨💛😍😊

You are amazing, a Living Art piece, and when you become intune with your own deeper feelings, you will finally feel that stable footing and clarity you’ve been seeking! 🕊 #youmatter We Love You 💛☀️ #waveoflove #pleaseshare

…how you feel means everything
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Quick Energy Update🕊May 10th !

Here’s today’s Quick Energy Update 🕊🗝 #waveoflove 👇💙

…open the door to you

Setbacks NEVER Last!♥️

Listen to today’s episode👇💛✨

…the Universe asked me to share this with you, “Setbacks are only devastating when we THINK they’ll last forever… but they NEVER do!” 💗

We’ve developed the habit of stopping and going, because most of the time we’re trying to do our best best meet expectations we’ve placed in our own way. But it’s a habit, and sometimes we need to be right in it, feeling it, to finally release it, once and for all! 🕊💙🌊 #waveoflove 💛💛 We Love You #youmatter

Hold tight, a little bit longer!

Written to a beautiful friend… I wanted to share 💕

Dearest beautiful soul💕 hold tight, just a little bit longer… we’re in the good universe now. The uncomfortable sensations you’ve felt will pass… and as they do, a new you will emerge… a you that is in line with this new, active energy.

The wave of nausea was real; felt in the Collective, in each individual, in SOME way… some, taking as much of that Collective suffering as they can physically handle… but the time for suffering is all but done… and we say, all but done, because there is still a part in each one of us that believes we have to suffer… that suffering brings us closer to divinity…

Yet that is a philosophy from an old paradigm, a world that no longer supported us. So please release, tap and release, anything that hurts you, whether it be a pain in your body or a pain in your heart… release it and let it go, let it go with the sure knowing that as you do, the new energy that surrounds you… THAT IS YOU… will fill you, and sustain you, and help you to become the best version of yourself you have yet to be 💗💕💖✨#waveoflove

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It’s SAFE for You to Feel SO Much

…there’s been a lot of “energy” in the air, as though we’re all walking on egg shells and doing our best not to upset the delicate balance we’re simultaneously trying to create. The Schuman Resonance, and Solar flares have continued to add to this feeling, overwhelming our senses on that invisible level, making it all seem just a little to much.
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But life is beautiful, and it’s just beginning for you! And although you’re feeling so much, it’s SAFE for you to do so, and as you do, and release all those old parts you no longer need, a vibrant and powerful new you will emerge!🕊💙🌊 #waveoflove 💙💙 We Love You #thebestisyettocome #youmatter

Did You Know?

Did you know? ♥️

Environmental stress is still stress, felt by the body and interpreted in real-time.

So that means, when we have a huge pulse of energy measurable on the Schumann, our bodies are silently adjusting.

It’s time to give up fear, it’s time to

So be easy on yourself, and know that even though you may not physically ‘see’ the effects, you’re most certainly feeling them internally. Love yourself hard right now ♥️ #waveoflove #theFeelingPathILLUMINATED


…oftentimes we don’t even recognize our own unique beliefs as we are expressing them. We have a “sense” about something and just accept it as fact. But what if, there’s more going on than you see… and what if, being open to seeing things differently, is the necessary step you need to take in order to have a completely new point of view?! #waveoflove You’re a powerful Creator, sense THAT, and let all else go… you’re a compassionate, loving soul, let that lead you!

More here👇✨

💛💛🗝 We Love You #thebestisyettocome because #youmatter

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The Emotional Growing Pains of Leaving Anger Behind–t_NEQ&utm_source=copy-link
The whole message is here👆✨

…anger is the grand destroyer, giving birth to pathways that were otherwise unused. It creates an entangled mess, and lots of pain along the way… but it’s a learning process, as each of us discovers our own vulnerabilities and strengths. Letting go of your anger will take a little effort on your part, but it’s worth it, you’re worth it, and on the other side of this particular emotion, lives the confident, complete you who moves with certainty and a loving heart wherever you go💚🌈

We Love You 💛💛 Remember Who You Are💗 #waveoflove #ItsTime to #release #yourself #taplikeamofo

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A New Year💛A New YOU

…you’re a powerful Creator, and this New Year is your opportunity to redefine and recreate yourself! 💛

Take that opportunity, and let a new Love-Light shine through you! 💛💛

You came here to have a beautiful life, now, its time to have it and love it!

💛💛💛 We Love You, Happy New Year, this loving message is for you…

#waveoflove #thebestisyettocome

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