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This is who we are…πŸ’›

Dearest friends, this is our ✨100 Episode of the FeelingPath ILLUMINATED Podcast!!βœ¨ο•Šand we are so happy to share this special BONUS episode!

It’s also my birthday tomorrow and it felt like the right time to celebrate and share this wonderful gift with you! πŸ•Š #thebestisyettocome ✨ #youmatter

Enjoy this #waveoflove β€πŸ’•πŸŒˆπŸ•Šβœ¨

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We Love You

…in a time when we all must count our blessings, we could YOU as one of those! πŸ’›πŸ’›πŸ•Š #waveoflove …this is from the both of us πŸ‘‡ πŸ’—

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Come See Us In Person!

Hi friends, we’re really excited to be back with the Holistic Healing Fairs offering our πŸ•ŠREADING & RELEASE SESSIONS! πŸ’—πŸ’—

Sit down with us for a transformational moment together as you first experience an insightful and uplifting Energy Reading with Kasia, and then feel the Love and the Solution as you enjoy some powerful tRt (tapping and release) with Danny!

Visit our website at to learn more about us, and remember… you are a beautiful being, and there was never anything wrong with you… you just had things happen… and now, you have the opportunity, and the ability, to release it all. πŸŒˆπŸ’• #waveoflove #youmatter

We can’t wait to see you! #sudbury

So much good can happen in just a few moments !πŸ’—πŸ’—
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Hamilton Peeps, we’re coming your way!

This phenomenal intro was written by our talented friend Amanda Lera for this Saturday’s upcoming Hamilton Workshop!! πŸ’› #waveoflove

“So excited to be back hosting in person workshops! We are starting our first one of the year off strong as I will be welcoming my wonderful friends from, Dan and Kasia, to join me as we help guide you out of pain and into creating some magic!

My forest fairies are coming to Hamilton to spread some LOVE πŸ•Š


Are you ready to clear all that has been holding you back and make room for something more?”

Release Pain and Tension
Release Stress and Anxiety
Release Past Trauma

Release, Refresh and Renew
with us as we Spring into Releasing

Join Us Saturday May 7 2022

Time: 12pm – 4pm
Location: 868 Upper Sherman Ave, Hamilton,
ON L8V 3N1

Donation: $40 or PWYC

E-transfer accepted:

Now is the best time to GiveUpPain!
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You are Evolving

We are all busy creating and re-creating ourselves. We are painting our houses, clearing out others peoples garbage to create a new world around us… a new reality.

And we are not alone.

Along the infinite stretches of collective consciousness a new signal is making itself known to ALL WHO HAVE EARS TO LISTEN.

It tolls a new song, a message… TRANSMISION of INFINTE LOVE… and the opportunity of ALL THOSE PRESENT to participate in a MASS COLLECTIVE CONSCIOUS EVOLUTION.

The pulse is both a herald and an instigator or IGNITOR, as it lifts your consciousness and lights the fire of your internal passions. What that means for you, and ALL those who are currently present and physical (although ALL who participate, SOLID AND NON-SOLID BENEFIT) ALL will find great upliftment during these elevated times.

You are evolving.


And everything that you are currently participating in, all the things that matter to you, MATTER because you deem it so.

You create your reality.

In all forms and in all possible instances. This part of you is SET, it is the INNATE BLUEPRINT OF WHAT YOU ARE.

Your very existence is proof to this, as everything that exists, only does so through the EXTERNAL YOU, the OBSERVER.

So please… stop fearing your own creations, your own life, and witness the INHERENT PERFECTION and RIGHT TIMING of the Omniverse.


See yourself as sacred, and divine, and wholly complete.

There is nothing broken inside you.

You are exactly as you have created yourself to be. So curse yourself not, and release yourself from your unconscious creation.

Be aware that you are powerful, and the words that you speak, inwardly then outwardly, quickly become your truth.

So speak wisely and always in your favour… always with you, so never without.

LπŸ’—ve yourself as truly and deeply as your first romance… and never let that go.

Some things we release, and some things we hold onto. Hold onto that feeling, that pure love, that pure emotion, and make THAT your new normal.



with all my love,



We invite you to visit us for more information, messages and ongoing loving support as you move through your own personal evolution πŸ’—

Releasing Worry and Fear

Good morning our wonderful friends πŸ’•

This morning in doing our own practise we came to a powerful tapping and release… and we’d like to share it with you so that you too may feel the upliftment of your own evolution πŸ—πŸŒΏ


“I now release myself from my worrying and fear”


We understand that as we move from the old story, into the new, as we diligently convince ourselves that we are indeed safe, even though we still sometimes find ourselves in doubt… we know that this FEELS like something, and that you will have to make adjustments along the way to release yourself from the very learning that taught you how to feel and interpret the world.


It’s time to forgive yourself for past mistakes and begin to see a new future for yourself, a future that is working FOR you and WITH you… a future that syncs up with your ultimate nature which is boundless.


It’s time to trust that everything is happening exactly right for you, and that mourning the loss of something that wasn’t working for you at all, never gave you the positive benefits you had hoped worrying about it would have.


It is time to release your feelings of loss and grief, your self pity and sadness. It is time because you have suffered ENOUGH and to prolong your suffering even for a moment longer, would be unnecessary cruelty that you have never deserved.


We Love You

If you would like to know how to release yourself, visit us at πŸ’• we’re just a message away

NORTH BAY Workshop


Dearest friends we are back in North Bay, this upcoming Thursday January 30th for an INFORMATIVE and powerful Stress Awareness and Release workshop!

Join us along with the beautiful co-host Kourtney Belisle at her downtown wellness center VITALITY FROM WITHIN πŸ’–

🌿please wear comfortable clothes, and bring a cushion or blanket

This is a special 2 hour event, so we’re asking everyone to participate in a SPECIAL way!!

πŸ‘‰ This is a POTLUCK Exchange Event! πŸ’•

That means each participant is asked to bring something unique for the price of the workshop.

Everyone has something wonderful to bring to the table… maybe you have a skill you’d like to exchange, or a service you offer that could be beneficial, or perhaps you’d like to bring something you’ve made, or you’d just like to give a dollar amount… the exchange for this workshop is $44 πŸ™ whatever you choose, we appreciate you and what you offer!

πŸ’›Also!! Join us LIVE on Facebook this Tuesday 28th to meet Kourtney on Chaga and a Chat!

And πŸ’š PM us for more details and to reserve your spot. Space is limited

πŸ’– See you soon!

#GiveUpPain #stressrelief #release #workshop

Our Vision & Mission πŸ’•


Dearest friends,

It is with sincere delight that we stand before you and declare our unique Vision and Mission to you… everything we do is Built on this Solid Foundation πŸ’•



To be the World Leaders and Chosen Experts in CLARITY and SYSTEMATICALLY RELEASING All Inner Illusion and Outward Projection of Limitation

To CREATE and Fully Embrace a New Paradigm… a New Politics of COMPASSION, LOVE, UNDERSTANDING, WISDOM & UNITY

OUR MISSION is to bring RELIEF, CLARITY & ACTUAL SOLUTIONS to individuals, to couples in relationships, and families, and to ALL those who are ready to Recieve it


To Mentor and Train Those Who are READY to Embrace This New Paradigm as part of THEIR Vision to Help Others


We are here to Guide, Uplift You, and Inspire You to REMEBER WHO YOU ARE


With all our love,


Kasia Kaminska and Dan Brooks




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