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Channeled Messages

Lost, Now Found

Have you ever lost something?

Did you notice that initial irritation, followed by that feeling of “it’s lost…”

Want to speed up your finding process?

…take a breath, sooth yourself, and reassure yourself that it still exists, and will eventually re-appear!

Then step back and STOP LOOKING FOR IT… simply accept that you’re still on the gentle path to meeting up with it, and that you WILL find it… eventually…

Then go do anything else… but most importantly, change how you FEEL-THINK about ‘IT’ and enjoy the process of aligning with it…

🌈💛 oh and that crystal you see?! That is my favorite, and until just a few moments ago, was lost… or rather, waiting for me to line up with it 🌈✨💎✨#waveoflove #nowhere #now #here

Welcome to Monday🌈Let’s do it together!

Here’s an idea…

What if, we all choose something to release ourselves from… and on Monday, June 14th, we all do our own individual technique or ritual, and release on a GRAND SCALE… relieving Collective pressure, and shifting our unique experience 🌈🌍❤💜💙💚💛

❤Separately, yet very much together!! Sending love to the whole world🌈 Love in action!

Title the release…

…and set a powerful intention for the emergence of a beautiful new world; a world built on Compassion, Understanding, Wisdom, Unity and a deep love for All!

#waveoflove #WelcomeToMonday #release the #collective we are #powerful #together

What is your Body trying to tell you?

Hi friends! 💗 this is the first video in our Language-of-the-Body series where we dive into the deeper reasons of why we have pain and discomfort in our bodies.

This episode is all about the MUSCLES!

So if you’re feeling any discomfort in your body, or you just want to learn more and share in the relief, join us as we dive deep, and release ourselves from the very pain that keeps us locked in place.

We love you 💝

Let Love In, to Allow Healing to Begin

Why am I feeling pain in my forehead?

Question ~ "I feel a tension band across my forehead, what could this be?" Response ♡ "...a neurological bridge, a change is happening, and the inner world is changing and circulating, and creating a new template of WHAT IS within you... hence, the entire body requires unconditional support at this time, forgiving all suppressed patterns as they are Relaxed." With all my Love, Ka 💗 #ItsTime #GiveUpPain #waveoflove #WeAreOne #WeAreEvolving

Never Before Have We Experienced a Time Like This

✉💗From Letters to a beautiful friend…

We mentioned it during the FeelingPath; in the past we may have evolved to a superior ability in our collective ability to create THINGS, monuments and gorgeous buildings that have withstood the test of time and are to this day, un-copyable… but not until this time have we ever evolved so far, and so much, INWARDLY, as we are doing right now…

Never before in the time of all times, has there ever been a time, when so many of us can house the CHRISTLIGHT energy in our hearts, this highest of vibrancies that is the truest representation in frequency form of the Divine Nature we are.

This is the first time so many of us can carry that signal, and it is the first time that the planet-earth-mater has ever been as exquisitely trained-linked to us, and us to her…

This is the first time that the inner evolution of Hu-kind is exceeding its exterior, and in that way, soon, one day, we will finally be whole… en-mass, more of us then ever before… and this will be a loving planet indeed.


MOONLIGHT Reading – Feel the Love / A Loving Message

Dearest friends, here is a loving message for you 💗

Welcome to your MOONLIGHT Reading! 🌕 Feel the Love 💗 #waveoflove

Intuitive Tarot

Sunshine for Your Soul

…a little something to brighten your day ☀️

(🎶music – a touch of Zen)

Releasing Fear of Change

Dearest friends, if you find yourself up against changes that are confusing or tense, and things are changing faster then you believe you can handle… here is our technique to help you release that tension and stress.

Begin by taping on the forehead following the natural ‘baseball cap-line’, which means tap on the forehead, then the top of the head, then the back, then over the ears, and back to the front of the face, under the eyes, then under the nose, on the chin, and then down to the heart 💗 the wonderful thing is, you can’t get this wrong!

Start at the forehead and TAP, and repeat after me…

“I now release myself from feeling afraid of my changing perspective.”

“I now release myself from feeling afraid of my changing reality.”

“I now release myself from feeling afraid of change.”

👉Keep repeating this process for each statement as you tap all the way to the heart 💖

Once at the heart, say, and feel, these words;

I am calm
I am ease
I am good
I am compassionate
I am safe
I am always in the right place, at the right time
I am confident

Things are always working out for me!

Well done! Now you’re TAPPING!

tRt to #GiveUpPain

#StressRelief #attheEndofFear

You’ve always had the power within you

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