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Quick Energy Update🌞 May 25th!

Let’s see what the energy holds for us today… Quick Energy Update!
~ Listen here☝️🕊

Let the Love-Light In☀️
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Quick Energy Update💗 May 24th!

Here is today’s Quick Energy Update! 🕊🌈 #waveoflove #youmatter

(please follow this link 👇💗)

Change Collective Consciousness ♡ Release Your Sadness
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We Love You

…in a time when we all must count our blessings, we could YOU as one of those! 💛💛🕊 #waveoflove …this is from the both of us 👇 💗

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UPDATE! Schumann Spike!

Ok friends, quick update… we are again feeling the fullness of more active energy🌈

BREATHE deeply, you are most likely holding your breath and don’t even realize it.

Drink water, and rest as often as you require… no feeling ‘bad’ about it, this is an active process and our bodies are feeling the full intensity of these conditions.

This energy is helping us grow, and it will push things out to the surface for you to resolve… bottom line is, you can’t take all that burden, heaviness, and negativity with you, your body simply won’t hold space for it anymore.

But before it is totally dissolved from your psyche-body complex, you have the opportunity to DO it yourself, and thereby gain the benefit of having done it deliberately and on-purpose!

We love you, you’re safe… we’re all safe ✨🦋🦋✨

Kp-7 C Class Flare, take a deep breath…

Dearest friends… just letting you know that a few hours ago, we got hit by a large, C class Kp-7 solar flare… so that means you may feel something… 🦋

Here is something for you to “think” about, and do, as you’re feeling your body adapt, relatively silently, to all this living energy

This is cool-positive ether energy
…living energy…

🔵 Imagine a beautiful blue ring of energy surrounding you, like a gorgeous, sparkling, electric circle 🌀 feel this blue-cool-positive energy swirl around you, like a vortex of moving light energy 🌊 now sense this energy entering at the top of your head, slowly pouring down the lenght of your spine, this liquid, electric blue energy, feel it pool into your heart 💙 and then move down your torso to your legs, then to your toes, and finally out to the ground-earth below 🌎

BREATHE and let this living-blue-energy permeate every cell, and enliven you, thrive you… breathe deeply and let it settle in, knowing all the while, there is no separation between this living-ether and you… BREATHE… and know you are ONE 🌈 Love you, KA.

Active Energy Pulse 🌈 How are you feeling?

Dearest friends… you will see below that we are currently experiencing an ongoing energy pulse 👇🌈

Active Energy Pulse 🌈

This is definitely going to be feelable, so take deep breaths often, and if you are feeling aches and pain throughout your body… rest, tap and release the tension in your body caused by anything else that may be adding to the sensitivity of what you’re already feeling as a result of this BIG energy 🦋

🌈 one more thing… last night, I heard clearly in my dream, spoken several times, “LIVING-IN-LOVE IS NOW POSSIBLE” ✨💛✨

You’re safe, and this is a natural process even though it’s new and you’ve never done it this way before. So drink lots of water, and relax… we’re all going to be alright… and when you feel overwhelmed by the energy, repeat these words outloud often, and until you beleive them 👇💕

We Love You

Get Ready 💗


As the Earth shifts forward into a new vibrancy, a new frequency… so too are all those who dwell upon her moved forward… and so, the sum of ALL THAT IS expands and evolves.

We all share this garment of Destiny, this Divine Connection. What one does directly, is felt by all indirectly… but fully.

You are evolving… evolving at a rate so fast, that although unseen by your eye, the shifts you take are felt in every cell of your body.

Welcome the sensations of your body…

Welcome the experiences of you evolution…


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