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Drivers Seat …a time traveling manual

It’s All About Choice

“In the beginning I tried to assign blame, but in the end, I always knew it was going to be an INNER GAME… in the end… I would have to decide… who did I want to be… HER… or me?

Ultimately I realized it all came down to choices.”

DRIVERS SEAT …a time travelling manual (page 135)

It’s time to #remember who you are and #connect to the highest intention for yourself 💗💗💗

Its All About Perspective #youmatter #waveoflove 💗

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Hey friends! DID YOU KNOW that DRIVERS SEAT has SECRET numerical value??


Besides being fully read from front to back, and back to front, this book has 2 invisible chapters!

And that’s just one of the elements that are hidden there🌈 very few people have made the numerical connections to DRIVERS SEAT… but there is a story, hidden in the numbers, for those with eyes to see 😍 😍

What other numerical properties can You Find?! #waveoflove #5dbook

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Memories of DRIVERS SEAT

…a beautiful memory of DRIVERS SEAT 💙🌀🌈 THANK YOU Becca 🙏

“I hadn’t planned on posting today but here we are, as I swing in my hammock on an overcast day – song birds serenading me as I listen to the Earth absorbing and moving the rainfall we just received. I have been reading this book from front to back since I left my job. Prior to that I used it as an affirmation when needed, flipping it open to a page and being amazed at how much the words in front of me resonated.
Taking you backwards, I received this book in January 2019 the day before the full moon, a few days before my 27th birthday. It was after an amazing tap & release healing session I attended with my best friend. I asked @kasia_kaminska_ for a copy of her book, and if she would sign it…. she flipped to a page and before she was about to flip back to the front I said “WAIT! Can you sign it right there?” Her and her partner both looked at me and smiled, as she usually used the page for inspiration. Kasia read the page out loud and Dan said “you’ve just decided”. That day the universe shifted for me, it really was the day that I chose me, and continued to choose me every singe day moving forward.

I haven’t been able to find the page she signed until today….

Find what moves you, makes you smile, brings you joy, change and inspiration…. and stick to it. You’ll be amazed at how fast you can create the life you’ve always dreamed of when you CHOOSE YOU🌱🌻”

Have You Ever Read a 5dbook?

Read it in every direction, front to back, and bottom to top… regardless of where you start, just begin reading and discover how it works 🤲💗

It’s Time to Float

Let love lead you

As you always have

You are a good, good person… loving is a fun and easy way for you to be who you be, and the more you allow yourself this, the more you will find that it’s true for you, and as soon as you do, a new feeling will FLOW🌊YOU, and you’ll float effortlessly into a new version of Life and Living 💙 #waveoflove



We’re back TONIGHT at 8pm @GiveUpPainNow Facebook live 💕

Hello friends! Moving with that intuitive flow, we are back tonight at 8pm for another wonderful conversation!

Bring your questions, and your open minds and let’s see where it takes us on tonight’s Chaga & a Chat ☕☕💕

#chagaandachat #waveoflove #GiveUpPain

We’re back TONIGHTat 8pm @GiveUpPainNow Facebook live 💕

You are Healing

But I can not convince you that you are well if you feel otherwise, so all I can do is reinforce to you that you ARE HEALING, that you are in fact becoming so much more than what you have been, in every way.


Yet for you to advance, and keep advancing, there will be sensations along the way that may feel unfavourable, but that nonetheless are necessary, as things shift from one form into another.

…a time traveling manual 🌊💕🌿

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What If We ALL Stand United

What if all these people were gathered in union because they understood that in order to make change they had to stand together…

What if this was a collective gathering to make change, to help correct the current systems that are no longer supporting any of us…

We so often hear that Canadians are too nice, to spread out to gather for a true common good… yet here they all are… United by a game, something that is as meaningful as they decide…

But what if… all that it would take to really change the circumstances we are all in, is for ALL of us to gather this way… STOP the machine of our own systems, and stand together for a grander cause…

What if we could get this excited, this United, this together for something truly important… our collective future… our children’s world 🌍🌿




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