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Inspiration for the Beautiful Soul

Choose Your Thoughts

It’s time…

Nowhere, Now Here

Have you ever lost something?

Did you notice that initial irritation, followed by that feeling of “it’s lost…

Want to speed up your finding process?

…take a breath, sooth yourself, and reassure yourself that it still exists, and will eventually re-appear!

Then step back and STOP LOOKING FOR IT… simply accept that you’re still on the gentle path to meeting up with it, and that you WILL find it… eventually…

Then go do anything else… but most importantly, change how you FEEL-THINK about ‘IT’ and enjoy the process of aligning with it…

🌈💛 oh and that crystal you see?! That is my favorite, and until just a few moments ago, was lost… or rather, waiting for me to line up with it 🌈✨💎✨#waveoflove #nowhere #now #here

Release your NEED to find it, and line up with it instead!

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Announcing Our Big Winner & an Important MESSAGE🌈❤

Announcing our DRIVERS SEAT Winner and a Loving Message from Kasia;

“I want to talk to you about the energies we’re all feeling, and how to best move forward with intention and clarity and as little pain as possible” ❤

Love this World, and Love Each Other 🌍🌈💗

It’s Happening ♡🌈

💚🌿 you are an intergal part of nature… your existance is perfection of Being… release yourself from your need to reach some invisible goal, and allow yourself to fully BE ♡

…and from the stillness, let inspiration guide you🌈✨

Enjoy these words… feel the upliftment of your own potential 🦋

It’s Always Been You

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Let’s Talk about Energy!

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