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Today in honour of International Woman’sDay, I offer you this loving mantra, words to remind you to Love the Self. πŸ’–πŸŒΏπŸŒˆ

In order to love others, we must first remember how to love our Self

Source: Today in honour of International Woman’sDay, I offer you this loving mantra, words to remind you to Love the Self. πŸ’–πŸŒΏπŸŒˆ

Never, not even for a moment, underestimate your own power and the influence You have on the world around you.

Each and everyone of us creates a ripple effect, ourselves being at the centre. The sheer BEINGNESS of our being transmits a ripple out into the multiverse, into the wo…

Source: EveryONE makes a Difference

You Create Your Own Reality

I Create my own Reality” …repeat after me…

I Create My OWN Reality

You are an active participant in an ongoing experience, and as you allow this new information to flow into you and become the framework of a new understanding and perception it will also in that wa…

Source: You Create Your Own Reality

Becoming the Light

Becoming the Light.

The best day ever!

The best day ever!.

The best day ever…until the next one πŸ˜‰

Love will lead the way

Love will lead the way.

The best day ever!

Today was a lovely day filled with beautiful people and some wonderful sessions that filled up my day with love, purpose and good company! πŸ™‚
I’m feeling so blessed right now, thank you to the sunshine that warms and recharges me as I move through each part of my day. Thank you my beautiful guides, who lead my every moment, who make the path bright as I walk upon it. Thank you to the forest which sustains me, to the soft earth beneath my feet which supports each and every step. Thank you to the trees that surround me, I can feel their blessed energy shining bright, I can feel the warm sensation of it as I press my palm against the coarse surface, that outer skin of bark and wood.
How truly blessed we are to have such beauty at our fingertips.

I have so much love for this beautiful planet, for the trees and the birds and the animals who move through it. And those are the things I can see with my eyes, and yet I can feel through the internal compass of my heart, that there is greater magic, greater mystery hidden here in plain sight…waiting for the right eyes to discover :)))


So much love and light to each and every one of you.

Kasia Kaminska ❀
UNA Lightweaver

Spectacular Full Moon

Spectacular Full Moon.

Spectacular Full Moon


I came out to enjoy a moonlit late night meditation, which on its own is a wonderful thing. But when I looked above me I almost melted!
The full moon tonight is spectacular!

There’s a light haze in the sky, as though I’m looking through a white, sheer curtain. And although the wind is strong enough to rustle the trees from their sleep, it has no effect on this thin gossamer curtain. The moon is right in front of me, and I feel as though I’m standing under a bright spotlight. The moon is so singular in the sky; one solitary giant lantern.
It looks aflame, as though lit up, and I can see the energy flowing out from its center in all directions.
The light changes from white to golden, and when its shining that golden light, I feel like I’m standing bathed in sunlight.
I can actually feel the warmth of it, and for a moment I almost forget that it’s not daytime.
The most spectacular part of this whole picture is the giant ring around the moon. It looks immense!
And surprisingly it looks exactly like the rainbow ring I witnessed on a couple occasions over the summer!

Truly…this is breathtaking ❀

I hope that you have the opportunity to step outside tonight and enjoy this incredible energy. This is my third moonlit meditation in so many nights. This particular full moon energy is all about releasing. And its certainly done that for me. The last three nights, tonight is no exception, have been magical and greatly healing.

I lovingly encourage you to take a few moments and absorb some of this beautiful energy.

And in the moments or days that follow, take care of yourself, with love and kindness, as you release anything that's been wanting release. You might be surprised as to what you are unconsciously holding onto.
Love yourself through it, as you would love another in the same situation.

With all my love & light

Kasia Kaminska ❀
UNA Lightweaver

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