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We’re back TONIGHT at 8pm @GiveUpPainNow Facebook live 💕

Hello friends! Moving with that intuitive flow, we are back tonight at 8pm for another wonderful conversation!

Bring your questions, and your open minds and let’s see where it takes us on tonight’s Chaga & a Chat ☕☕💕

#chagaandachat #waveoflove #GiveUpPain

We’re back TONIGHTat 8pm @GiveUpPainNow Facebook live 💕

Good morning beautiful friends, I have an opening available today, Thursday February 28th at 1:00pm, for an Impromptu READING!

Exchange is $80

Pm me 💛


“What you consider minor movements, in what you still sometimes label a ‘somewhat, kinda, but not really’ ordinary life… is in fact extraordinary and unique… AS ARE YOU”
DRIVERS SEAT …a time travelling manual

We will be in Timmins this Sunday, June 4th!

Come out and join us this Sunday the 4th, in a grand conversation, as we help you find clarity on the topics that matter to you, so that you may line up with your unique purpose, recognize your innate abilities, and fully look at the patterns, beliefs, and decisions that affect the central issues of your life.

Let us help you gain insight, so that we may than RELEASE YOU from all that had once held you in place.

We love you,
Dan & Kasia ❤

Source: We will be in Timmins this Sunday, June 4th!

We will be in Timmins this Sunday, June 4th!

We are so excited to see all of our friends, new and old, at the upcoming Wholistic Healing Fair in Timmins this June 4th from 10-4.

We will be doing Reading & Release Sessions, and as always we will have our Chaga products and all kinds of fun surprises for you.

Come join us, and discover your innate abilities, blocks, patterns, and beliefs, and develop a greater sense of balance and well-being as we explore your personal lessons and growth opportunities.

Ask us any questions that are most relevant to you right now, and know that we are here to shine light on any situation that matters most to you. 

We are here to empower you, and to guide you to a greater understanding and connection to your Soul; to the totality of Who You Are, so that you may flow with ease and grace down your unique Soul Path.

We are here to open you up, so that you may fully discover all of your potential, and all your possible choices. 

We love you, 

Dan & Kasia ❤

✨A Message to Humanity✨


Wisdom is going to Change this Planet.

And from this new vantage point, from this broader perspective the New Politics of planet Earth will…and MUST BE… COMPASSION, LOVE, UNITY, and  UNDERSTANDING

Source: ✨A Message to Humanity✨

What is a Channeled Energy Reading?

Hello everyone… We have some fun announcements coming up and a busy Spring schedule ahead, so if you are thinking about a One~to~One Channeled session with me personally, or with both Dan and myself, it may be a good time to plan ahead and schedule it now. Stay tuned to more information about our upcoming workshops and our ILLUMINATED HEALING PATH

Source: What is a Channeled Energy Reading?

Dearest friends, No doubt you have all been feeling the great upsurge of energy, as all around us the world is shifting in ever unexpected and sometimes stressful ways.

Source: STRESS and the Awakening Soul

ANY constriction, causes you to temporarily disconnect from your Highest Version of SELF, in the moment of THINKING or doing. It quite literally stops you from being Who You Are

Understanding New Beginnings

There is a misunderstanding in the way you understand the concept of new beginnings.Or better said,you have come to believe that there IS such a thing.

Source: Understanding New Beginnings

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