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You Are So LOVED 💕💗

…you’ve been feeling trapped in this emotional state for some time, and it never helped to ease the pain that you needed to be loved, because the very feeling of being unloved, made you believe that it was true, even when you’ve been SO loved throughout this whole process 💗 in other words, as you believe that you are unlovable, or unloved, that belief creates a FEELING, and that feeling creates your experience.
💛 #thisis4u 🙏👆☀️✨

So let’s liberate ourselves from that uncomfortable feeling that leads us to becoming more and more alone, and finally FEEL THE LOVE that is always present. 🌊💙 #waveoflove #youmatter #thebestisyettocome #love #release #yourself #TapLikeAMofo

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Everybody Needs Somebody💕


…everybody needs somebody… even if it’s just a friend, or a loving pet that gives your emotional support and space to heal… everyone needs someone💕 Allow yourself the opportunity to release that fear of others, and let’s allow in the help and guidance you need so that you can fully LOVE this moment, regardless of what it looks like right now.💗💗💗💗 We Love You 🌊💙 #waveoflove #youmatter #thebestisyettocome #heal your #heart #love

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…you’ve been putting a lot of pressure on yourself, now more than ever is the time for you to be kind to yourself, and your body♡ because your body responds instantly to your emotions, and your emotions are what you want to Master as you become the master of yourself! So join us for a grand release, as we #TapLikeAMofo and co-create this #waveoflove 🌊💙 #thebestisyettocome

✨👆💕#thisis4u #heal your #heart

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Healing the FAMILY TREE 🌳💙

…it’s time to Love You, and to accept that as you heal and love all parts of you, you become the ORIGIN point of a #waveoflove that heals the whole family tree from the generational turmoil everyone played a part in.💗 #youmatter and YES, one person CAN do so much, especially when they realize what they’re really doing! 🌳☀️ #thisis4u

🌈 We Love You #thebestisyettocome 💙

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Live in the MORE☯️

…reach for that better feeling thought, and let yourself “off the hook” as you allow yourself to believe in something bigger than what you used to believe! #youmatter So repeat to yourself often…

I AM A GOOD PERSON, I AM A LOVING PERSON, and more and more, I am beginning to understand how to create my own reality! ☯️💕

…and live in your Principals, as you remember that you are MORE. #thebestisyettocome #waveoflove

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MUSIC for your beautiful Soul🎶

Something SPECIAL for You👇✨ Music for your beautiful Soul ✨

We Love You ✨🌈 Enjoy! #waveoflove #music #love #share #peace #handpan #goldie

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This is who we are…💛

Dearest friends, this is our ✨100 Episode of the FeelingPath ILLUMINATED Podcast!!✨and we are so happy to share this special BONUS episode!

It’s also my birthday tomorrow and it felt like the right time to celebrate and share this wonderful gift with you! 🕊 #thebestisyettocome ✨ #youmatter

Enjoy this #waveoflove ❤💕🌈🕊✨

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LOVE is the ONLY part♡

…how long have you felt this way? ♡ Have you ever taken into account, that you’ve spent most of your life unconsciously imitating the people you loved, as they taught you, day by day, the habit of sadness… like it was a normal part of your life… because it was of theirs… ♡ and none here are “bad” so little of this was done on purpose… so can we make a decision in our own FAVOR and finally let ourselves become the Hopeful, genuinely optimistic people we can be… I know I’m ready… are you? 🕊 #youmatter #FREEDOM from sadness…

Listen to the newest FeelingPath episode here🙏👇✨

💛💛friends, we are coming to Orillia this Sunday June 5th! PM us for more details and see you all there! 💗 #waveoflove We Love You

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Let Your Body Help You💗

…you’re at the beginning of some important new changes, and so it only makes sense that you’re feeling so much, especially since the environment around you is ALSO changing, and driving you towards more and greater self awareness! But your Body is your friend, its life literally depends on you, and how you feel about it…
…this link👆🙏✨will take you to the whole episode✨

So let’s deal with some of those aches and pains you’ve been feeling and let’s start creating, and FEELING something wonderful! 💗 #youmatter #LoveistheAnswer #waveoflove #thebestisyettocome

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