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The Opportunity of Pain🕊

…you’ve had a lifetime of discomfort, of dealing with pain and making the best of it… but what if there’s always been an opportunities withing that experience, and what if… all you’ve ever had to do, is change your perspective about the whole thing…

💙🌊 #waveoflove #youmatter #ItsTime to #GiveUpPain

You’re Safe
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Why am I still feeling pain? 🗝

…you’ve made so many changes, and you’ve learned so much about yourself, and how you really work… so it only makes sense that you’d want to know, and in that way, resolve the very things that keep you in those painful experiences… (Listen here👇✨)

💛💛 We Love You✨ #waveoflove #thebestisyettocome #youmatter #release #pain

How Are You Feeling?💕

…can you pin point what you are feeling at any one time?

How about now?

💕 You seek clarity and stable footing, and all these are within you, now you just have to fully accept that you are actually creating your own Creative Reality, and that how you FEEL is the most important thing you can focus on!☀️

Here is a poweful NEW equation for you…


Follow this link for the whole message 🙏👆✨💛😍😊

You are amazing, a Living Art piece, and when you become intune with your own deeper feelings, you will finally feel that stable footing and clarity you’ve been seeking! 🕊 #youmatter We Love You 💛☀️ #waveoflove #pleaseshare

…how you feel means everything
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Setbacks NEVER Last!♥️

Listen to today’s episode👇💛✨

…the Universe asked me to share this with you, “Setbacks are only devastating when we THINK they’ll last forever… but they NEVER do!” 💗

We’ve developed the habit of stopping and going, because most of the time we’re trying to do our best best meet expectations we’ve placed in our own way. But it’s a habit, and sometimes we need to be right in it, feeling it, to finally release it, once and for all! 🕊💙🌊 #waveoflove 💛💛 We Love You #youmatter

Unplugging Your FLOW🌊

…in the process of refining your unique Self, you will have to find your way through familiar, yet painful emotions… particularly anger and sadness. You truly have this, but to say that getting through your anger is easy, would be unfair to you… it is, however, possible!
✨🙏🤗🕊more here✨

And all you have to be willing to do, is to be honest with yourself in the moment… and release yourself from these emotions 💙🌊 #waveoflove #youmatter 🕊 and #thebestisyettocome 💛💛 We Love You ☯️ Knowledge is Power

Feeling Out of Focus? This will help!

…you are becoming more Self Aware, creating something beautiful as you attain Mastery of a New Phase in Life and the new Emotions that come with it. These feelings of Lack of Focus, or feeling scattered, are only present because you’re discovering your own truth, and sometimes, that can be confusing! 🌸🌿

So greet the day with optimism and gratitude and give yourself a pat on the back, because you’re moving UP in your life and career! 💛💛 We Love You🕊 💙🌊 #waveoflove #WeAreEvolving #thebestisyettocome #youmatter

Remember Your DREAMS🌈

…you have them each night (unless you’ve made the decision to forget them) you dream every night; some nights they scare you, others delight you, but always there’s the question… What are you trying to tell me?

🌈Let’s dive right in, and explore how your dreams truly guide you 🕊 #waveoflove #youmatter and your dreams matter too! 💛💛We Love You

It’s SAFE for You to Feel SO Much

…there’s been a lot of “energy” in the air, as though we’re all walking on egg shells and doing our best not to upset the delicate balance we’re simultaneously trying to create. The Schuman Resonance, and Solar flares have continued to add to this feeling, overwhelming our senses on that invisible level, making it all seem just a little to much.
More here👆✨

But life is beautiful, and it’s just beginning for you! And although you’re feeling so much, it’s SAFE for you to do so, and as you do, and release all those old parts you no longer need, a vibrant and powerful new you will emerge!🕊💙🌊 #waveoflove 💙💙 We Love You #thebestisyettocome #youmatter

Body Regeneration Hypno-Meditation

Enjoy this👆✨soothing meditation…

You are loved, you are healing, you CAN release yourself from your programs, you are good, you are kind… you CAN heal your body! 🕊 Enjoy this soothing, Hypno-Meditation as we flow deeper and deeper into the body, igniting the very stem cells that rebuild every part of us!

🌈 We are a Collective of Love and Purity… and now, we can make the deliberate choice to purify ourselves from all our programs, and ignite our innate healing abilities and magnificence!🌈💛💛 We Love You #thebestisyettocome #meditation #waveoflove #youmatter

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