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How Are You Feeling?💕

…can you pin point what you are feeling at any one time?

How about now?

💕 You seek clarity and stable footing, and all these are within you, now you just have to fully accept that you are actually creating your own Creative Reality, and that how you FEEL is the most important thing you can focus on!☀️

Here is a poweful NEW equation for you…


Follow this link for the whole message 🙏👆✨💛😍😊

You are amazing, a Living Art piece, and when you become intune with your own deeper feelings, you will finally feel that stable footing and clarity you’ve been seeking! 🕊 #youmatter We Love You 💛☀️ #waveoflove #pleaseshare

…how you feel means everything
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Come See Us In Person!

Hi friends, we’re really excited to be back with the Holistic Healing Fairs offering our 🕊READING & RELEASE SESSIONS! 💗💗

Sit down with us for a transformational moment together as you first experience an insightful and uplifting Energy Reading with Kasia, and then feel the Love and the Solution as you enjoy some powerful tRt (tapping and release) with Danny!

Visit our website at to learn more about us, and remember… you are a beautiful being, and there was never anything wrong with you… you just had things happen… and now, you have the opportunity, and the ability, to release it all. 🌈💕 #waveoflove #youmatter

We can’t wait to see you! #sudbury

So much good can happen in just a few moments !💗💗
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Setbacks NEVER Last!♥️

Listen to today’s episode👇💛✨

…the Universe asked me to share this with you, “Setbacks are only devastating when we THINK they’ll last forever… but they NEVER do!” 💗

We’ve developed the habit of stopping and going, because most of the time we’re trying to do our best best meet expectations we’ve placed in our own way. But it’s a habit, and sometimes we need to be right in it, feeling it, to finally release it, once and for all! 🕊💙🌊 #waveoflove 💛💛 We Love You #youmatter

tRt 🕊the Ultimate Emotional Release Technique

The Power Has Always Been In Your Hands

✨here’s a little👆 something to listen to as you’re Spring Cleaning! (follow that link 😊😘)

Remember, with Tapping & Release you have within you a powerful method by which to release yourself and resolve any emotional… mental and PHYSICAL issue that may arise… the only thing that factors into your ongoing success with this… is…

How often do you tRt in real time?

Are you tapping and releasing yourself in the instant you recognize you’re having that experience?

✨Remember, you’re amazing! You’ve got this, and we promise that as you maintain CONSISTANCY and keep tapping as you go… life with get sweeter and sweeter ✨🌈 #waveoflove #youmatter

✨🌸 enjoy!

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