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Turn Inward, and See the Greatness that Lives Within

“Do you think that just because you take off an outfit, you are different? Or is it that the Core of you is always the same, regardless of the body suit you inhabit.”


Today in honour of International Woman’sDay, I offer you this loving mantra, words to remind you to Love the Self. 💖🌿🌈


Now that you know this about yourself, you can see how well you have done.
You have delved into all emotions beloved one, you have allowed yourself to suffer and feel pain of the greatest proportions; you have allowed yourself to feel deep sadness and separation, you have allowed yourself to feel vulnerability and lesstheness.

But now it is time, it is time for you to feel all the resulting opposites…it is time to feel the LOVE that is available to you.

You have yet to touch upon the love that is here for you.
You have yet to allow us to fully connect with you.
But you are moving towards that more and more in every moment, as you allow source to come through in a more and more real way.

You are loving yourself and feeling your self work ~ the work of the SELF ~
You are integrating all aspects of your self, from all times and places, as you would see them being separate… now you see them and feel them merge into one cohesive Self expression that is this new YOU.

What you become now is the greatest version of yourself…for now… for you are always and forever expending into greater and greater versions of what and who you are…

you are INFINITE Universe ~ YOUinverse ~ you are the universe


With Love & Light, today’s Daily Channelled Message


This is an invitation to all of you, who may have a question that as of yet you have not been able to answer… allow me to guide you, and help you rediscover your true potential as an expanding consciousness.

With love and light,

Kasia Kaminska.


Channeled Messages as Transcribed by Kasia Kaminska

Source: the Magic in You

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