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Hamilton Peeps, we’re coming your way!

This phenomenal intro was written by our talented friend Amanda Lera for this Saturday’s upcoming Hamilton Workshop!! πŸ’› #waveoflove

“So excited to be back hosting in person workshops! We are starting our first one of the year off strong as I will be welcoming my wonderful friends from, Dan and Kasia, to join me as we help guide you out of pain and into creating some magic!

My forest fairies are coming to Hamilton to spread some LOVE πŸ•Š


Are you ready to clear all that has been holding you back and make room for something more?”

Release Pain and Tension
Release Stress and Anxiety
Release Past Trauma

Release, Refresh and Renew
with us as we Spring into Releasing

Join Us Saturday May 7 2022

Time: 12pm – 4pm
Location: 868 Upper Sherman Ave, Hamilton,
ON L8V 3N1

Donation: $40 or PWYC

E-transfer accepted:

Now is the best time to GiveUpPain!
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We’re Coming to Hamilton!

Hi friends! We’re coming to HAMILTON this Saturday for an informative and exciting workshop with our beautiful friend Amanda Lera! πŸ’— Come and feel the Love!

SIGN UP and get More details hereπŸ‘‡πŸ•Š

Now is the perfect time to GiveUpPain!

Let Love In, to Allow Healing to Begin!

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NORTH BAY Workshop


Dearest friends we are back in North Bay, this upcoming Thursday January 30th for an INFORMATIVE and powerful Stress Awareness and Release workshop!

Join us along with the beautiful co-host Kourtney Belisle at her downtown wellness center VITALITY FROM WITHIN πŸ’–

🌿please wear comfortable clothes, and bring a cushion or blanket

This is a special 2 hour event, so we’re asking everyone to participate in a SPECIAL way!!

πŸ‘‰ This is a POTLUCK Exchange Event! πŸ’•

That means each participant is asked to bring something unique for the price of the workshop.

Everyone has something wonderful to bring to the table… maybe you have a skill you’d like to exchange, or a service you offer that could be beneficial, or perhaps you’d like to bring something you’ve made, or you’d just like to give a dollar amount… the exchange for this workshop is $44 πŸ™ whatever you choose, we appreciate you and what you offer!

πŸ’›Also!! Join us LIVE on Facebook this Tuesday 28th to meet Kourtney on Chaga and a Chat!

And πŸ’š PM us for more details and to reserve your spot. Space is limited

πŸ’– See you soon!

#GiveUpPain #stressrelief #release #workshop

On the Road with DRIVERS SEAT

Here we come Cambridge! And here is your message today from DRIVERS SEAT …a time traveling manual (page 45)

“Hold on tight, this may get a little more confusing, but eventually it will all fall into place for you, like a great
divine jigsaw puzzle where each thing you do, each awe-inspiring experience is merely another piece of the ever growing puzzle”


#DriversSeat #ItsTime to #release #yourself and #TapLikeAMofo in #Cambridge #GiveUpPain


Friends we’re going to Cambridge!

Join us this Saturday at 1pm at 48 Queen St East, Cambridge Ontario for a transformational Releasing Stress and Trauma Participatory workshop, only a couple spots left!

PM to join the fun!

#GiveUpPain #workshop #release yourself and discover a new perspective and a #New #you


“Maybe you are ready to let go of the perspective real world and allow a new knowing and understanding of what the real world could be. And I say could, because it is of course your creation… and so it could be anything you choose.

But you have to understand this first, and in that way, move the whole thing in any direction you choose.

What do you WANT to do, feel, be, experience?”


DRIVERS SEAT…a time traveling manual (page 199)

#DriversSeat #time #travel #novel #love #self #GiveUpPain #feeling #infinite #youcreateyourreality #believe #InYou #FeelingPath #illuminated



Upcoming Stress and Trauma Relief Workshops!


April 6th in Sudbury, Ontario at the Tree of Life North

April 13th in North Bay, Ontario at 176 Lakeshore Dr.

April 27th in Cambridge, Ontario at 48 Queen St


Pm us to reserve your seat πŸ’—



Stress & Trauma Relief Workshop

Join us this upcoming Saturday for a Grand RELEASE πŸ’•

#StressReliefWorkshop #GiveUpPain #NorthBay #DriversSeat #ItsTime to #release #yourself #TapLikeAMofo


We will be in Timmins this Sunday, June 4th!

Come out and join us this Sunday the 4th, in a grand conversation, as we help you find clarity on the topics that matter to you, so that you may line up with your unique purpose, recognize your innate abilities, and fully look at the patterns, beliefs, and decisions that affect the central issues of your life.

Let us help you gain insight, so that we may than RELEASE YOU from all that had once held you in place.

We love you,
Dan & Kasia ❀

Source: We will be in Timmins this Sunday, June 4th!

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