The feeling of disconnection and seperation is an illusion created by you.

There may be times, when you feel outside yourself, when you believe, falsely so, that you are disconnected from that greater part of you, from ALL-THAT-IS, from God, the Universe and everyone within it.

But this is only your personal misperception, your belief, that is creating this reality, for in fact, you are always connected.

And although this may seem challenging at times to fully absorb, the very feelings you have about it are an indicator of this basic universal truth.

This off feeling you are ‘really feeling’ is your in-the-moment indicator, your guidance system, letting you KNOW… that right now, in this moment, you are focused in a way that is outside of WHO you truly are… It is highlighting to you an inner-lie, a misbelief… something that is not so.

And so, it feels uncomfortable, it feels not you, or other than what you desire to be feeling.

So what do you do? …we feel you ask.

You do not have to DO anything… but find ease and relief, as you deliberately focus in a different direction. As you decide that feeling good IS Your Number One Priority

You have the ability to consciously focus and refocus your attention, and this allows you to shift your current reality, and to create from a platform of awakened, deliberate intention.

What that means is, that you are no longer living your life by default. You now understand that you are the the one house, the creator, the realizer of your world.

It is always your decision to focus and to choose your point of focus, regardless of which idea you choose.

You innately understand that you may accept or reject any belief, and you know that the very beliefs you say yes to… whether it be consciously or unconsciously… will… and DO… shape your inner and outer world.

You understand that thoughts turn into things!

You are the writer of your personal life story, and as you project yourself forward in-time, into imagined scenarios, you in that same way move your ‘right now‘ reality in that same direction.

As in all things related to you, there is only growth and more growth, expansion and more expansion.

You are always, and in all ways, becoming more and more.

You are in a perpetual state of becoming.

As you live your current life; this reality you have chosen as your own, as your personal reflection of who you THINK you are, you will experience many different things.

Some of these things you will decide are good, and some you will decide are bad.

For in fact, everything in the Universe is neutal…. none of it matters… until you decide otherwise.

There is a right and wrong, only in the sense that LOVE is all there is, and anything outside of that will never feel good to you.

Love is the Omniversal Creative Principal.

So in that way, yes… there is a ‘right’ path because the path of love will always BE the right path.

So when you find yourself feeling or thinking ‘off’, know that it IS your indicator, your signal, your guidance system. It is the very core of you, comminicating… calling out… letting you know that you are loved, safe, supported, and guided as you move along your personal life path, and that whatever you were in that moment focusing on, was not in alignment with who you are currently being.

We know, that you have not yet fully opened yourself to this new paradime. And so, we also know, that you still find yourself feeling separated and alone in all this, oftentimes at odds with your very own guidance system, not yet fully beLiving…. which is to say being and living… that this is the truth.

And so you create more of that in your reality.

And your reality continues to support and reflect that belief.

So then, what can you do to shift your own beliefs… your being and living?

And we say… it matters less what you do, and more how you do it.

So we would suggest that you ask yourself first, ‘What would Love do now? …and proceed to do that… DO THAT…



and lovingly.

You are not a hard peg that has to be beat into place.

Life does not have to ‘toss you around’ to teach you a lesson.

You are not here to transmute other peoples pain.

You are not here to save a world that is crumbling.

You are not here to do anything.

You have come here to expand, to experience, and to become more, and to feel the exhilaration as you do so… as the Universe opens up to accommodate that!

You are here to do, and have, and BE anything and everything YOU decide. 

There is nothing you ‘have’ to do, but there are SO many things that you want to do! 

And as you turn more and more in the direction of those things, the very things that inspire and enliven you, you turn, in actuality, in the very direction of the life you have been dreaming of.

The fears you still feel as you imagine a life that is not in alignment with what you truly want for yourself;

…the thoughts you have that made you believe that you are less-than and loveless…

…that love is lost

…that love is minimal

…that love is conditional

…that love is a tool

…that love hurts

…that love is used as a punishment

…that love is finite

…and all the other things you believe about that

are all FALSE

…and as such will never feel good to you as you think about them.

So we lovingly guide you now, to change your perception, your beLife about love.

Lovingly accept and remind yourself that ANY thought, which in the thinking of it FEELS uncomfortableis not the thought you want to be thinking, and immediately give yourself permission to shift your focus and think another thought.  

You are Love, and you are Loved


…in~loving light, Kasia Kaminska 


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