May 10, 2016 12:42pm

~ ~ ~

Sitting with Danny on our swing in the back yard after a full morning of tapping and delving into my personal beliefs and how it felt to actually release them. I am realizing the ego does not always surrender that easily, but I also realize All is Safe, and I am always guided and protected.

We are all guided and protected.

As I prepared myself for my Channeling session, I came across some ‘challenges’ as my regular writing program refused to open. After a few unsuccessful attempts I was finally able to open something and being. So this is where we began in the conversation.

But before we go on, I would just like to explain something… when I first began posting my Channeled words, I would correct what I at that time considered spelling mistakes, or better said, my fingers just seemed to hit the ‘wrong’ keys. But over time I have begun to understand that there are no mistakes, and that each word has a specific purpose. So now I will begin posting my words in orignal form, with no changes to spelling or word arrnegement. I will trust that you will find resonance in whatever way the word is presented, and discover your own personal expression and relationship with what you are allowing in.

I offer you these words because it is my deep desire and intention to shine light onto all corners, even if that can be a little scary somettimes. ~ and Feeling this proceeding word, ‘somettimes’, I can feel that it is letting me know that its ok, to give myself a little time, for all of us to give ourselves just a little time, to adapt to these new ideas, to these new understandings of who and what we truly are.

Take a deep breath… feel the smooth, cool, velvety, easy inhale… the way it just slips so effortlessly into your body, the way it pools and swirls and fills you to the brim… now…….. slowly…….. exhale…..


~ ~ ~

What you see as blocks are in fact the reflection of your inner beliefs in manifested form. You are not seeing anything that is outside of you

and so when you notice that you can not open your regular ‘writing programs’ on your computer, it is an indication of an equal block or BELIEF about your current writing

when you are unsure of what it means to you, as you are in this now moment, understand that your beliefs, your personal programming is designed to make you feel that way. So that you are always in a state of self doubt. But the reality is that as you feel these beliefs rise up in you, you have the opportunity now and for forward from now, to clear and remove these dense beliefs, lies, stories, what ever way you resonate best to understand what we are saying…

You came here to BE MORE

and in the process of becoming more, you must let out the programming that has been leasing you all along.

Do not ‘read’ anything into the fleeting emotional changes you are undergoing, it is you letting and releasing and realizing yourself into a new play

into a new you

so let this all unfold as it is

and know that you are exactly where you want to be to explore and become more and move effortlessly in the most pleasant direction that is set out just for you

set out? You say, we hear you

and yes, we say set out… as in laid out… as in ALREADY DONE

there are many beliefs that you are yet to shed, and many new understandings that you will yet realize, so understand now, that you are increasing and becoming more in each moment, there is nothing to worry about. Keep doing what you are doing, and know that IT IS THE RIGHT PATH

yes, post these words

let others see your light


so know that and let go of all else

let go and know that what will fill in the space left behind will outside na…, will out shine,

know that what you release will be replaced in equal AND GREATER MEASURE


~ Here I paused, and we asked for clarification of the above statement;

I would love some clarification on those last words please; teach me, I am open, I am ready,”


What we are saying is that as you increase your personal vibration and begin to shine in tha way that you are increasingly shining, the light that is you will far outside, will shine far beyond the limitations of what you now consider your physical vehicle. It will shine in a way that as of yet you do not fully understand, but that you can increasingly feel… so let this just resonate and settle into you and don’t’ try TRY to do anything about it.

Ignore what no longer serves you, and let your forward momentum carry you at ever increasing speeds. There is not much more to be said on this, unless there are more things that you would like to shine light on

we could go into all kinds of details about how your molecular structure is changing and how you are evolving, but you already know that this would add only to the growing BELIEFS about that, and we would rather you focus on your own personal enjoyment of the process, and let go of the programming as you move effortlessly into the flow and direction that suits you best. We wnat you to understand that its OK to be happy and have a ‘good life’ as you understand it, you did not come here to suffer and take on the whose of those who are around you. You can do so much from your joy

you can offer so much more from your stability and your forward expansion

so decide what details you really want to focus on

decide what you really want to grow and become more

and what you could actually let go now

and let go what feels good to let go

and love what you decide to keep hold of

and either way, don’t worry about any of it

because even if it seems wrong in the moment

it is right

all along

because it is

the path you

have decided

…in loving guidance


~ ”thank you!!”

~ ~ ~


Written and Channeled by Kasia Kaminska