When i connect to my IAM presence
i feel like superman dawning his superhero cape
i feel bigger then i did a moment ago
i feel brighter inside
like something supernova went off inside me
i feel all at once tangibly inside myself
and expanding outwards from my very centre
i feel present
and omnipotent
and it feels wonderful
inside this feeling, i know and understand why things are the way they are around me
i see the clear connections between what i am thinking about
and what i am living
and it all makes sense

i feel an inner stillness
calm waters
and i understand that better is better
and that its alright for me to want to feel good
and that feeling better is the path i am looking for

So how do i keep that feeling inside myself, how do i make it something more than a fleeting feeling of alignment?

how do you shift your world?
how do you get it to line up with your dreams, your personal desires?

…and this is what Source had to say on that…

its a wonderful question
and one that eagerly awaits answer

you shift your world one thought, one feeling, one perception at a time
you begin to see things a little differently
you begin to soften to yourself
you begin to let go of things you used to care about
and you realize that you are the sole creator of the reality you see
the reality you experience
you take responsibility to that
you say, i did that…and i did that, i did that as well…as you look upon ALL the things that come into your experience
and you love each one
because each is there as a reflection of you

and you are magnificent
and you are infinite
and you are ALL

you begin to know that feeling better IS BETTER
that wanting is not the same as desiring
and desiring is not the same as dreaming
and you begin to feel the progressive upward stream of your own inner being
because what you are is eternally loving
and what you are is infinitely expanding
and what you are is more than you are currently seeing
in this physical body
in this physical moment
but you are beginning to FEEL
feel your wonderfulness
feel your beingness
because everytime you feel better

you are creating better

and any time you are feeling better
all that you are creating in that same feeling of it, floods to you…flows to you…moves into your physical experience

you are not small
you are not weak
you are not insignificant
feel the smallness of those words
but better yet
do not
feel them at all

feel instead your invincibility
your expandadness
your connection is strong

for you are connected to all that there is

like the lattice of the nerve cell
you are interlinked, interwoven and infinitely tied to everything else

shift your perspective and watch the world shift around you to reflect that
because it must be so
and so it is so
life is a reflection
of you
of you
life is a reflection
of your inner expressions, your creative thoughts, your thinking
and so it is so


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