You must begin to trust your instincts completely.
As you move into alignment with your higher self, you will more and more of the time, move yourself into experiences where you prove to yourself that this is indeed so.
This is what is happening right now.

You are in this Light
You are in the light of divine love,
and you are not alone.

You have never needed anyone other then yourself.
So connect now to the internal love that is present within you,
for you have not always allowed that light to flow.
And even as we move you to this, you are feeling resistance to this particular love flow.
For you believe yourself to be unworthy of this love
and we feel within you a WANTING to let go of this now
and we feel within you the CAPACITY for tremendous love
and we know that you want to feel that love in a tangible way
you want to feel that love fill you.

We want that for you too.

We want you to be filled with us.
To be filled with the love of the divine.
To be filled with love.
For you are love.

And as you see this,
you will be this.
For you are this.
And so you must realize yourself anew
as the driving force behind the engine that is you.

For you are creation
You are divine
You are the light of god
the light of lights
the one and only one
for you have always been so
and will be so
unto the end of time
which is unending
and infinite and everlasting
and so too are you
complete within this love
complete within this knowing
complete within this web of light that is what makes up the vast allness
of ALL that there IS

If you felt, just for a moment, the love that we are flowing to you in this moment
you would never again doubt that you are loved.
If just for a moment, right now, you could open your heart enough to allow us to touch you, we would right now do just that.

So let us try,
dear child,
as we love you into alignment with us.

Take a moment and breath

Yes you are beginning to see how it is all connected,
and we are feeling within you an opening to the light that you are.
You are feeling more and more in tune with the natural rhythms of your body
and you are connecting to the natural rhythms of earth Gaia, Earth Mother.

Trust is key for you now.
From trust you will springboard to knowing, and within knowing is the heart of love.
For within that knowing you will feel complete knowing of the truth of Yourself.

For you are already beginning to see that you are not what you once thought you were.

You are seeing through your limiting thoughts.
You are tuning into your inner guidance.
You are tuning into yourself.
Your distinct, individual, unique version of Creation, expressing itself in this reality, in this tangible ‘real’ way, to explore and play, to feel, to love, and to lead the world into awakening.

You have felt for much of your life,
and we feel that this indeed is so,
that you are somehow different.
And so you have created that in your reality.
You have set yourself apart, because you believed yourself to be different, because you felt different,
because you could remember your higher aspects, you could feel into that which you were told did not exist.
You connected to the etheric levels as a child and were told it was dreams,
sometimes nightmares.
And you saw things outside yourself that scared you.
And you felt things that hurt you.
And so you created more of that in your life.

But you also forgot that this was always the plan
and that you were following a deep inner guidance at all times.
And you forgot that you were incredible and special.
And you forgot that you were made of love.
And you forgot that you were infact love.

…but not ever completely.

For even as you separated yourself, you retained a spark of that knowing.
And you have felt that knowing all your life.

And so we come to now,
for you are now in this deeper communion.
You are now in this perfect alignment,
and you are beginning to remember yourself.
And you are beginning to know yourself as the love being that you are.

You have never been alone dear child.
You have never not been under our protection,
under our loving light.
For you are a beautiful creation.

You are magnificent and deeply cherished.

And even though we feel within you a not allowing of this, you are nonetheless loved completely within this now moment.
You are so loved.
You are so cherished and loved.

Look for proof of this in your life.
Notice when the wave of love we are sending you, pours into your life, into your experience
and tune yourself into this frequency by loving what IS.
Love what surrounds you.
Love what you see.
Judge none of it.
And love it all.

Start with things that are simple.
What is easiest for you to love,
and tune into that.
Focus on THAT.
Appreciate that
yes, appreciate it… take time to really examine it, pay attention to it and grow within yourself the feeling of love as you gaze upon that which you love.
Appreciation is the fastest way into love.

You are doing magnificently!
You are.

Each and every one of you.
All those that have tuned into this transmission in your moment of NOW,
we feel each and everyone of you.
For you are all, and each of you, a shining light unto yourself.
And we SEE each and every one of you beautiful souls.

and we send this transmission of love to you in this now moment,
for we love you dearly.
And we will love you as you move forward,
as you become awakened to the light that you are.
As you release your delusion of limitation.
As you let go of your veil of separation,
and step away from the pain of your 3D worlds.

For there is no distance between us
and there is no space within the ALLNESS of the ONE.

We are connected
We are ONE within this LOVE
this ONE LOVE that we are
that WE are

Know that you are all doing wonderfully, no matter where you see yourself in your current circumstances.
You have made your way here, and as you allow this love to flow into your awareness,
as you begin to accept your Divine NATURE,
as you begin to KNOW yourself again,
to know yourself as Love,

For you have only ever been seeing the reflection of yourself in the life around you.
And as you begin to once again come into alignment with your SOURCE SELF,
with that part of yourself that is DIVINE
with that part of yourself that is knowing
that is allowing
that is AWAKE

YOU BECOME THAT and the world around you, what you know as your life, will shift to reflect this new inner you.
This new connected version.
This YOU that is Love.

We love you

WE love you


Love from Above

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