Recently, more and more of my friends have been asking about what I do, or more precisely, what is an Channeled Energetic or Intuitive Reading? So I wanted to shed a little light on what it is that I am now doing, and share with you an Energy Session for 2016.

An Energetic Session is a new way of using some familiar tools. My tool of preference is the tarot.

The very nature of what a tarot card reading is has changed as we have collectively and individually shifted into a new level of consciousness. Whereas, we used to have more ‘solid’ pathways of how our lives were to unfold, things now as we move into a multidimensional way of thinking, our actual realities, the stories we live, have become more malleable and far more changeable than ever before.

What that means is, people are making dramatic changes to their lives in a way that would not have been possible only a few years ago. It means that your future is no longer set, but ever changing, as you shift your perspective and collective understanding.

Now, its not about ‘telling the future’, now its about living Your Best Life, and turning to your spiritual underpinnings, your spiritual CORE, to do that.

As your intuitive channel I guide you through Your story, as reflected in the Cards You choose. You are the story creator, I am the story interpreter and it is with great pleasure that I intuitively tap into your current story so that you may know Yourself Better in order to have the life you are asking for.

Energetic Sessions are about tuning you into your highest version of self; Unity Consciousness, helping you to come into alignment with the Life that you really want.

The time for trying to figure it all out, is in our past…

now is the time for LIVING YOUR BEST LIFE, and tuning into your CORE Self in order to do that.


When you make the choice to have an Energetic Session with me, what you will find is that right away you begin to feel at ease, as you realize that what you are going through, all the stresses and anxieties in your life, are changeable!

  You will realize that with a few shifts in your understanding about WHY you are here, and WHO you really are in the grander scheme of the Universe, you really CAN CHANGE YOUR LIFE.

You have the ability to find relief… relief from your own negativity… from your own beliefs, from your own reality… and with this new found clarity you can now recreate a new reality just by remembering that YOU CAN!

We’re all in this together… one day I reach out and hold your hand as you step across the stream…and on other days you hold mine, but we are always connected.

It is my sincere pleasure to help you across the stream, and in so doing, discover the beauty of your life on the other side.

~ ~ ~

I truly love you ♥ thank you for reading my words, thank you for being present, thank you for being you.

I am only just now learning how to love myself, and in this beautiful process I realize that as I do that, I can not help but turn that love outward into the world. So I feel inside me an ever growing desire to be of service and to genuinely and authentically help others to do the same.

With that in mind, I am now going to tap into UNITY Consciousness, Source, God, my Higher Aspect…the words we choose to describe this indescribable thing is inconsequential, but the way we FEEL about it, our true connection with IT, is. In other words… how you feel about yourself in relationship to what you perceive and understand as GOD IS IMPORTANT.

~ ~ ~

Before we continue, I ask that you now join me and take a moment to turn inward

…take a deep breath in through the nose….slowly…. hold your breath as you silently count to 7… one…….two…….three…….four……five……. six……. 7… now … very slowly… for the count of ten… release your breath through a relaxed jaw…. feel it flowing from you, releasing with it any tension…anxiety…distress… feel all contraction release from you…. slowly…. slowly…. gently tightening the muscles of your stomach just a little, as you push out that last vestige of breath.…..

Now close your eyes and do this once more…intimately feeling the flow of your breath into your body, and your bodies personal relationship with everything around it…….

Breath in deep, and let it out slowly… enjoy the flow of your own breath, at your own momentum as you feel a renewed connection to your Source Self, to your body…

and to all that UNITES Us


Here is your Channeled Energetic Session 

In the positing of the NOW, what currently surrounds you…what IS right now… ~8 of Fire~, energy moving fast…things right now are moving faster and faster, the world seems a little chaotic as what we perceive around us swirls with events that move at a fast pace. You may feel that there are a lot of things happening at once, and the delays that once held you in a place of feeling stuck, suddenly begin to move, as the energy around you picks up. You are ever teetering between feelings of overwhelmnent and excitement, as suddenly your life feels like its about to take off.
~the Guidance
Let Go of Fear Now… it is time, right now, to release those things that have been holding you back, to let go of your fears and know with certainty that your life is heading always in the direction of your dreams as you finally and once and for all, give yourself permission to NOT WORRY. “Not worry?” we hear you say… yes…that is exactly what it means to let go of fear…let go of your constant worrying, your belief that worry is of value, that it somehow moves things along in the direction you desire. For in fact, it is the opposite that is true. For in your moments of worry, you cast out into the malleable universe that frequency, that vibration, that command for more worry.
So give yourself permission, right now… to let go of fear…. to let go of worry… and understand that in so doing, you are moving yourself into alignment with all the things you have asked for.

In the position of your FEARS, you have the ~5 of Air~ Air is all about the mind, this is what you are thinking, or better said, what you are worrying about. There is a fear here of not making the right choice…”What if i do this and it doesn’t work out?” …“what if?” … “What if things don’t turn out?”… worry… its the trying to figure it all out, rather than trusting what is already there.
~the Guidance
Self-Respect… It is time, to see yourself as Source Sees you, its time to seeing yourself through the eyes of love. Self respect is about knowing who you are and what you stand for, it represents a deep connection to our self, , it stands for honoring yourself as you let go of the things that no longer work for you, that no longer benefit and propel you forward. You are DIVINE and we, UNITY Consciousness, know that… but in order for you to have the life you are asking for, YOU MUST KNOW THAT. Live it as you love yourself more and more. Become passionate about yourself.

In the position of RESPONSE TO YOUR FEARS, you have the ~Knight of Earth~ Earth is all about things that are tangible, physical and made manifest. The Knight of Earth is a guardian angel; Honorable, Loyal, Dedicated and Kind, he is the embodiment of those things in us all. His message to you today, is ‘It’s time to get things done!’ The answer to your worries is to physically begin doing those things that make you passionate, that move you ever closer to your dreams and that ‘distract’ you from your own personal negative thinking. In the act of DOING those things that make us passionate, we propel ourselves forward… and it doesn’t even have to be big things, just do the things you like, that make you feel good. Turn your attention to things that FEEL GOOD. Become passionate about the things you do.
~the Guidance
Eternal Love…You are SO LOVED, and there is love all around you as you make these positive changes. Begin to perceive all of the love that surrounds you, that fills you, that moves you as you being to receive, express and give love fully. You are Love made real… You are loved beyond your current understanding… and the love that is focused on you, in the very moment of your allowing, will sweep you into a dream like reality you have not yet even imagined.

In the position of INNER GUIDANCE, you have the ~3 of Fire~ Your inner guidance is saying, the energy that surrounds you is ABUNDANT, and the ~3 of Fire~ is a declaration of Abundance and good, happy, positive energy. Things are looking up!  Its time now to make positive, long term intentions for yourself. Begin to visualize yourself in the life you want, having the things you want, FEELING The things you want, and know that this positive, forward thinking IS creating the life, the things, you are asking for. Do this with a pure intention to FEEL GOOD AS YOU’RE DOING IT, in other words, do this to feel good in the now, and know that this will give you the positive results you have asked for. Your Inner guidance, your Inner You, is telling you that you are part of a supportive Universe, and Abundance in all ways, is your natural State. Become passionate about feeling good.
~the Guidance
You Created This Situation and You Have the Power to Change It… You are the Creator of your Reality, of your current, now life. As you accept this and make it part of your every-day thinking, you will see more and more vivid evidence of that in your life. It is always your choice to see things in the way that you do, and we encourage you now, to create a world of Abundance. We encourage you now, to create a reality where you are Infinite, where you know yourself as the integral part of an ever expanding, magical universe that you are always A~PART~OF. Every choice is the right choice when it is based in Love. And so, in all moments, ask yourself this one question…
What would Love DO now? …. and DO THAT. What would love FEEL now?… and FEEL THAT.

In the position of your OUTER GUIDANCE, those physical things and signs that point us in the right direction, you have the ~8 of Air~ The eight of Air is the companion to the Five of Air. It is your mind, your thoughts, your beliefs, giving you the false impression of being trapped, draining you of the very confidence you need in order to move in the direction of love. ~8 of Air~ signals that you are in fact afraid to take the Action that is required. In your mind, you’re still afraid to do those things that you know will help you, that will make you feel better. You’re still afraid to truly step into the things you have been asking for. These fears are the vestiges of your old beliefs, rearing their negative heads for you to relive, over and over again. These are your mind habits, your ways of thinking, that for some reason you are still holding onto, perhaps in a belief that if you don’t, things will fall apart. Or maybe, you’re just so comfortable in your own discomfort, that you think its normal to feel bad, to worry, and you don’t even realize you’re doing it most of the time. But this is just an illusion. Its not true. And you can feel that because it doesn’t feel good. None of those thoughts, none of the worry every feels good in the thinking of them. This is an ILLUSION. Its just a habit, and you have full control of your habits once you acknowledge them.
~the Guidance
Have Confidence… Have the courage to know and believe otherwise. Have the courage to think differently, to move away from things that no longer reflect you. Realize that you are Love, and that you are ONE with All that is Divine. You are Divine Wisdom. You are Divine Intelligence. You are Divine. You are strong, wise, powerful, infinite, creative and abundant. It is time to stand firmly in Your Understanding of Who you are and Why you are here. May you feel peaceful and confident about yourself in all ways.

In the position of your ACCEPTANCE, those things that we need to release and, or accept, You have the ~ACE of Fire~ Accept that you Live in an Abundant UNiverse. Again you are reminded that you live in an Abundant UNiverse, and the Ace of Fire is Energy in Motion! This is positive energy in the direction of exciting new opportunities! The world is opening up to you as you shift into this new way of thinking! This is your chance to CHANGE Your Life right Now as you are fully supported, guided and loved. Right now, is the time for you to finally ACCEPT the good that is coming to you! And know that you are fully deserving of it. The Ace of Fire feels like Inspiration! It feels like Momentum! It feels like being in the right place at the right time. It feels like new things opening up and ideas flowing in. It feels open, and new…and exciting… and it is the base of what you have asked for, and the fertile soil from which all your dreams spring forth.
~the Guidance
Pay Attention to your Dreams… You are always in communication with you…UNITY Consciousness, and as you begin to listen and follow the silent whisper of your intuition the path will light up in a way that is exciting and ever expanding. Your dreams are you talking to you. Each one of us has an infinite amount of other selves, in an infinite amount of realities, who are all living and experiencing themselves as ‘ME’. As you tune in and listen to your dreams, you have the opportunity to communicate and receive messages from those aspects of you who are also tuning into you. In that way, you guide yourself. Your dreams are a conversation… and if you’re paying attention, they will answer and open you up to possibilities and solutions. Make it a practice to write down your dreams as soon as you wake up, and take note of the messages within.
And Pay attention to your day dreams.. to those imaginings you find yourself swept up into. Notice when you are day dreaming and begin to take your dreams into a positive direction, as you tap into your ability to imagine the future you want. Remember what it felt like to be little, and loose yourself in a happy day dream… and begin to dream again.

In the position of FINAL OUTCOME, the future as it will be if you follow this path, as you turn yourself ever more in the direction of love, is ~10 of Air~ Release… the end of a difficult situation… relief from your negative thinking. This is time to embrace the changes that are happening for you and In you. You are becoming more, and with each perceptual shift, with each change in the right direction, you can now expect things to get better and better! This is a time of releasing your addictive thinking, or addictive habits and tendencies, as you truly LOVE yourself. This is You setting yourself Free! Free… from your negative thinking.
This is the relief you have been asking for…. relief… from your own negativity, from your own beliefs… relief and release from anxiety and distress. Free from your Illusions.
~the Guidance
You and Your Loved Ones are Safe, You are never alone. You are watched over and lovingly guided. It is time now to feel secure in this knowing, and to have faith that you are Safe. You are All Safe. As you settle into this knowing, you can now focus on your priorities, on those things that make you feel enlivened and Alive and those things that resonate at the highest frequency in relationship to your Asking. The time is NOW to Let Go of Your Fears and enjoy a healthful, happy, abundant life.
You are Safe. You are Eternal. You ARE Loved and Love.

And finally, the the position of SOURCE SPEAKS, these are the direct messages from our highest versions of Self, from God, from UNITY Consciousness, You have the Card of ~RELEASE~ number 13 in the Major Archana, this signifies the END of a phase in your life. This is Spiritual Transformation. You are transforming, you are waking up to the full potential of WHO YOU ARE. The changes and shifts that are happening to you and through you right now are a perfect reflection of the transformations that are happening within you. Everything is a flawless reflection of you, and as you shift into a new perspective about yourself, as you learn to love more and hate less ,as you let go of self doubt and criticism, as you focus on those things that make you passionate, and as you tap into what makes you feel BEST, your physical world WILL CHANGE to reflect that. IT IS SO. It is time to now move on from the thoughts and fears of yesterday and embrace with a full, open heart, all that you are BECOMING.
There is never anything to fear because this has always been, and will forever remain, a journey of You to YOU. And so, as you now take the necessary action steps to change the negative, destructive patterns that you once believed were necessary for ‘normal’ living, you begin to Consciously and deliberately CREATE the world you live in and experience a NEW REALITY.
~the Guidance
Sense of HumourSOURCE SPEAKS… find humor in all things. Learn to lighten up, and have fun all along the way. This was never supposed to hurt you, you knew that before you arrived in this physical experience, you knew that it was supposed to be fun, and exciting, and fulfilling and deeply Satisfying. And you knew that you have the guidance system and the FULL support of the UNIVERSE, of ALL THAT IS, at your constant disposal to lead and guide you in every step of the way. So let go of your worries and fears, and embrace your life with a light, happy heart KNOWING all the while that you are safe, supported and always intimately guided. Have fun!
BEcome passionate about Living Your Fullest Life!

Thank you so much for joining me for this session. It is an honor and a pleasure to tap into Source with and for you, as we all benefit form the messages that come forth. I love the feeling of this, as I plug myself into the ALL of it. My understanding and perception of what God is has changed immensely, and has grown so big that I feel Divinity everywhere, more and more of the time. I love doing this work with you because in the doing of it, I get to experience the positive rewards of tapping into Source, into UNITY Consciousness. Its deeply exhilarating and very addictive, in the best sense of the word. I love this work.

This my Life’s Work, my passion, and it has taken many years to get here, to be here in this moment, sharing this side of myself with you,  and I would be honored to have the opportunity to work with more and more of you out there who are also seeking a deeper Connection to Source, to the full potential of who you can become. I work by energy exchange, fifty dollars being the suggested donation, and an understanding that there is a giving and receiving to everything.

Once again, thank you so much for joining me here to share in this message from UNITY Consciousness. We are all ONE and always connected.