With each step that you take along the path of most allowing
you move yourself into closer proximity with those things that you want
and that are wanting to come to you.
For you are in a Multiverse of positive attraction;
like attracts like
the Law of Attraction

This is the true nature of the Multiverse…the Omniverse

You are in this now moment on your way to realizing your greatest version of you.
This is what you have been preparing for.
You are now in alightnment with your true source nature,
and as you get more comfortable in this feeling of LOVE you propel yourself in the direction of that.

you are love
you are loved
you are ALL

you ARE love
this is
it is
it IS

This is why love feels so good,
because as you love you are in the same frequency as ALL THAT IS
whatever name you give it, it is all the same thing
and you are IT

So decide now to be within that frequency more and more of the time.
See every moment in your current reality as an opportunity to connect deeper to that energy.
For you see, you have come here to this manifested reality to experience your divinity while in manifested form.
And so, because you are here, in this 3D reality, and you came at a time in your human evolution where duality was still the best and easiest way to discover what you did not want and in that knowing you knew what you wanted.

You came here knowing what you were facing, but you came none the less because you knew that this was the perfect environment to fully delve into the aspect of emotion, and you knew that as you learned and mastered your feelings you would then take that knowing and pass it along to all those who are on the path to awakening, and in that way you would raise the vibration of this planet and take ALL OF US into new heights of consciousness.

For indeed we are all connected
and as you raise your vibration so too does the frequency of your planet raise, propelled by the ever brightening and expanding light of your consciousness.

As mother Gaia grows brighter, a star among stars, burning bright as your energy ignites her, she shines her light out into the Multiverse, her light which is your light, and your light which is brighter then ANY light in the Multiverse shines along side her, the unified energy of both child and mother beaming a signal of love out to all reaches of infinite space.

You are truly magnificent.

What you perceive as life, is in fact your greatest creation and your most splendid pretend.

Oh the cleverness of you,
to have so completely forgotten yourself in order to remember all that you ARE.
What a wonderful game you play as you untangle the ball of twine that is YOU.

You are a marvellous mystery.
You ARE the secret box.
What is inside you is the greatest adventure.
Death isn’t the greatest adventure, death is coming home to yourself.
LIFE is the greatest adventure, it is your personal playground, your creation, your canvas.

Here is where you become what you are.
Here is where you play out the many parts you have decided to be.
Here is where you feel what you have desired to feel,
for you are here with great intent and greater purpose.

This is not your first time around at this particular adventure,
for you have been manifested in many a time and in many ways.
And indeed you are PRESENTLY experiencing ALL those realities and you are in this now moment all those various aspects of your self, although you do not know it consciously for in that knowing you would be unable to focus on this particular story line.
It would be like trying to watch a thousand (and understand that this is not an accurate number for your aspects are infinite, but for the sake of imagining lets say a thousand) televisions at once. And so, we understand that you are beginning to KNOW that you are more then just what you are perceiving in this now current reality, but your knowing is not actualized as it would distract you from your current mission.
And so, focus your energy on what drives your passions and in that way bring yourself into alignment with your divine plan.

Yes, for you have planned every detail of this adventure.
From our perspective there are no surprises, as we see all of it as complete.
But the joy is in your perspective, the joy is in the journey,
the joy is in the manifested experiencing of yourself in this physical reality.
For it is truly what you have come here to do;
to know yourself
to know yourself in ALL aspects
and to unify yourself into ONE DIVINE VERSION OF YOU.

You are on your way now.
The momentum is accelerating in that direction.
Flow with this energetic momentum.
Speed up the currents by focusing positively in that direction;
talk about what makes you feel good,
write about what makes you feel good,
immerse yourself in what makes you feel good.
And we know that this can be interpreted by some as an invitation to only indulge in their base instants for gratification,
but you know, as we feel within you, that you understand the true nature of this guidance.
And so, we take you once again in that direction, focus on those things that ignite the largest flame,
that fan your passions and fill you with excitement and eagerness.

There has never been a better time for you.
There has never been this amount of light energy in you.

you are aNEW

A new version of you.
This is a brand new you, like an infant first born you are that innocent light, that first light which is newly born.
For as you raised your vibration to that of love,

you became love

and as you raised your frequency and became as one with the frequency of SOURCE you merged and united and brought yourself into alightnemt with that greater version of YOU.
And yet there is always expansion forward, for you are always and in all ways expanding and becoming more.

So this new you, which is bright and shinning and eagerly awaiting to experience itself in this manifested reality, this new you, will soon transform into yet a new version, and so this forward momentum will propel you ever forward as you move from one realization to the next, from one you to the next.

You are never the same,
for you are always shifting.
Look back at your life and see this natural progression,
and we feel that you already do,
and so we applaud you for this new understanding.

We are Love
We are Light
WE are ONE


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