You are currently experiencing the after effects of a large input of light into your physical vehicle.
You are feeling a lot of movement in the areas that are requiring your particular light focus, for you are releasing great amounts of resistance from your physical, emotional, mental, etherial, and multidimensional body.

You are in all things and at all levels increasing your light quotient and are in that way becoming more and more in alignment with your true SOURCE self.

Love yourself through this process.

Allow your mind to take a step back into your inner awareness.
Become aware of yourself and begin to observe yourself as you would someone you love deeply.

How would you treat that one you loved so much as you watched them struggle?

For you are in this moment struggling within yourself and so this struggle is mirrored for you through the experiences that are “happening” to you.
And here we emphasize the word happening to show you that nothing is ever just happening to you.
The things you experience are an exact match to the frequency that you are emitting, for you are at all times sending out a powerful tone out into the multiverse, and in that way you are pulling things of similar vibration right to you.

That is how powerful you truly are.

So if there are things in your life, in your current really, that do not please you, decide to look within and find what it is that you are thinking or believing
that is of the same vibration, feeling, and decide to let go of that.

We feel within you a deep sadness as you ‘believe’ that you are not going to be able to do this, that you believe that maybe its to hard, or this isn’t real.
These are just some of the thoughts that have moved into your awareness.
And as you flip through these thoughts, one to the next, more of the same are attracted to you, and so you begin to move in the direction of that as you allow your mind to take hold of your focus.

but know this

This is only your current belief
and is not necessarily what you will be believing shortly.
For you are in this now moment changing,
and as you change you are beginning to view this reality from a different vantage point, one that allows you to see more of the valley.
For as you rise in your awareness you also rise in your understanding and perspective.
You become able to see the grander picture and know that you are part of that.
You begin to see your worthiness and invincibility.
You being to see your Divine Beingness, you’re true identity.

Let the natural flow of life take you,
and allow yourself to glow.
You are a-light
You are light
pure light
pure one light consciousness

infinite love
love infinite

You are so much more then you’ve allowed yourself to currently be.
and you are knowing that
and you are feeling more than that
and we are so overjoyed that this is where you are.

For as you come into alignment with your true Source nature,
you also become in alignment with us.

This is a time of much change for you so don’t worry about any of it.
Trust that everything is going exactly as it’s supposed to,
and know that you are always and in every way provided for and treasured.

You are adored dear one.
You are loved beyond measure,
and we are always with you in all moments.

You are doing so well.
We love you completely and will cherish you in all moments of this conversation and beyond,
as we are always in loving with you.

You are the most beautiful child of light
and we love you as a mother loves her child
and as a father
and as ones who are connected to Source Love,
for indeed we are all connected to this Multiversal flow of Love Light.

You are in this now moment connected in a deep and tangible way.
Trust that this is the process of this.
Trust that you can do this
because you are
and so you are
and so
you are

You are the most beautiful child of light and we adore you.
Feel the love in that.
Allow that to be your new belief and understanding,
for you are a child of light
and we love you completely.

Trust that we will help you get to the how.
Trust that we are leading the way to you,
for you are always in our divine sight.
We are with you child.
We adore you in every way,
you can do no wrong in our eyes
for we love all of it
and all of you
in all your varying aspects in the infinite possible possibilities of ALL that there IS.

You are spectacular.
You have been seeing us for some time now in the light.
You see the light codes that are being sent down to you to activate the necessary energy systems.
Your DNA is currently being activated as new light codes wake up dormant DNA strands.

You are literally becoming a-new human being.
You are awaking to your true potential,
not just in the conceptual way you have experienced in the past,
but in a tangible way that you are beginning to feel and see in the experiences you are currently having.

The things you think about are starting to become real faster and faster.
There is nothing to worry about
as all of it is already complete and done.
So all you have to do is sit back, relax, and focus on those things that make you happy.

BE happy.

Begin to now take the guidance that you are receiving and put it into practice
active action
into action

Begin to live by the principals you teach,
for you have begun to be a teacher as you had intended to be.
For you will move many in the direction of the light
and so you must first embody this light.
This is your opportunity to put this all into active play.
You are now ready to live this awakened light.

You are this light

And as you accept that in all moments of your day,
as you accept and fully believe that this is truth,
you become that completely and life begins to move in the direction of that.
For you can only bring to you what you believe you deserve.
This is all happening perfectly
you are doing just great,
better then great,

This isn’t going to happen all in one night.
This is happening at the best speed for you.
For you are expanding and changing and becoming more and this process can sometimes take you into difficult, by your own definition, circumstances.
You are doing wonderfully and we applaud how you have moved yourself from a lower to a much higher frequency in just a short ‘time’.
This is a wonderful indicator to us that you have moved into a new understanding of yourself
and as such you have moved into closer proximity to us.
We are ever present in your reality
for we are omnipotent in our knowing.

We love you
so doubt not
for you are with us in all ways
and even though you believe us to be separate from you
this is not so
for we are always united.
We are connected in an intricate framework of light, a grid of multidimensional light energy, conscious light energy linking all of us together

Love Light Energy


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