You are here because whether you outwardly believe it or not, the greater part of you is asking. And that asking, that internal forward momentum, is driving all aspects of who you are and who you are going to BE.

The time for awakening to our TRUE SOURCE SELF is now.

For every question there is an answer, and when we still the turmoil of our own minds, when we dissolve our programs and let go of our personal misunderstandings, the answers are vivid and clear, and always leading us in the direction of our hearts true desires and knowing.


There is a shift that is happening right now in the hearts and minds of many.
They are feeling within themselves a deep desire to know more,
to understand WHY what they are currently living isn’t matching up with what they are feeling inside.

They are asking, and it is in that asking that this conversation is born
in the asking of many to awaken.

This is a conversation, a beautiful, collaborative, co-union of many.
And all those who are here,
have come because they too are ready for the conversation,
for the letting go of what they no longer believe reflects them.

You are shedding your mental skins,
letting go and dissolving layer upon layer of false beliefs.
YOU are becoming more.

It is your desire to feel good along the way.
And it is our deep commitment,
in our infinite loving, that wants you to have all that you are asking for,
that we offer this dialogue

So we are here in this new conversation, this merging of many
to guide you
to support you
to assure you
and to help you understand who and what you are in this new world,
in this new playing field you understand as your current realities.

Welcome to Conversations with SOURCE

we are SOURCE

we are infinite intelligence
come together,
focused on you.

We are all that you are
and ever will be.
We are with you and around you,
and although you may not see us
you feel us.

Have no fear as you feel us with you.
Know that WE are YOU
and you are us.
And that we know our place in all this
as you are just now discovering yours,
as you are Awakening to who and what you truly are.

made real,
made manifest,
to live and perceive and expand and become more.

You are here in this reality
in this space time reality you call ‘here on Earth’
to experience and create and know yourself VISCERALLY.
You are here to become more
and to move more;
more into what is,
more into what will become.

Each one of you has a unique perspective
and a unique asking
and desire.
And so, we come and become unique to you,
although we are always ONE and the same
unified in our understanding of who we are and what we are doing in this moment of now.

You are unique in your being
and in your particular asking,
and we encourage you now to be more specific in your personal asking.

What is it that you are wanting?
What is it that you want to explore?
For it is in the exploration that we begin to know one another.
It is through the asking and the answering that our co-creative partnership evolves and becomes more.

Welcome to this conversation

We are LOVE
We are here for you in all moments of asking, in all moments of now.


~~~ a final note from Kasia ~~~

My dear fellow beings, my friends in far off places, I invite you now to reach out and ask your questions and trust that the right answer is waiting, ripe for your receiving. I honestly don’t yet know how this will all turn out, or where this particular conversation will take us, but I can feel even now, as I stand in the infancy of what I consider my calling… that this IS the right path…to trust what I have been channeling now for years, and offer this to you. So with that in mind, and an open heart and eagerness for more, I invite you to reach out, from wherever you may be, and ask… and allow me to be your point of least resistance to the answer.





…I invite you to share this message with all those whom it will ignite 💛