The thing that i am becoming more aware of, or perhaps better said, more observant of, are my thoughts.
I notice that some of the time, well most of the time, i fall into-switch into-automatic
and loose connection with my higher self.

But this too is becoming less and less,
as i become vigilant in my loving desire to love myself more,
and to become deliberate with my thinking
and believing.

I’m realizing that what i believe about myself and the world,
isn’t always the way it actually is.
And more and more, i understand that what i am experiencing, in the small details of my life
and on the grander scale, is an awareness that I really AM the one doing it all.

So there are times when i still feel like my old self.
But less and less so.
And there are times when i forget myself and feel solitary and less than.
But again, this too is becoming less so, as i make an active commitment to myself
to actually DO the things i know i need to do to sustain lasting change.

I really DO want to dissolve my false beliefs,
about myself and everything around me.
It is an active desire.
So i welcome the contrast in a way that sometimes surprises even me.
Because I do feel an ever growing calmness inside me,
a vantage point where i am able to see more clearly,
where the answers i ask are answered faster and faster
and where what i think about really DOES come about.

So i am taking responsibility for myself,
for what i am feeling
and what i am reflecting out into the world.
I realize that I am actually connected to others
in a way i am only now beginning to understand,
but more and more I am beginning to feel
and know.

I am actively reaching for relief
and ease,
and connection with my highest self.
I am gaining deeper insight into my beliefs
and consciously deciding if what i believe truly reflects me.
And from that vantage point of objective deciding
i choose
i choose to feel better
i choose to believe that i am more than what i have been currently believing
and i choose to know that we are all on the same one path.

a path to waking

For the collective dreams that we have been sharing
individually, uniquely, and collectively
are no longer the dreams that we want to share.

There is a new dream.
and vibrant
and one of your active participation.

To each and every one of you
I would ask that you pause and breath
and listen to what you already know

You can feel a shift beneath you, through you.
You can feel as the world around you has been quickly changing.

Have you noticed how what you think about, comes about so quickly.
It doesn’t take long for you to see what you are thinking about, playing out in your now surroundings.

You are a pure flowing energetic being
creating at a level that even you are not fully aware of.
But nonetheless, you are creating all that you experience and all that is projected out.

Collectively you create your current reality.

But you must first individually clear and release what is making you dense.

What is keeping you weighted down?

Let yourself BE LIGHT
and know that as you expand and become more,
the world around you has no choice, it is a mirror, but to expand and become more in perfect harmony with you.

So choose in every now moment,
and you are always now,
to smile rather than frown
to feel good rather than not
and to move yourself with ease down the path that feels best to you
and that leads directly to all that you have asked for.

A world of magicians creates a world of magic


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