Does it hurt you to breathe?

Do you think that you are dying?

What if you were to die right now?

Do you think that you could accomplish more from a non solid state of consciousness, or do you think that it would be far more beneficial to be present in the here and now reality that you call and consider your physical life?

And we say, that of course the physical path is the one that you have decided upon, for there is a desire in your body to thrive, and so when you don’t reinforce that feeling within yourself by speaking it into existence, that very action of healing is slightly delayed as you fight your own evolution.

But again, this all too will pass and become more…or rather, you will become more, and all those things that you consider an oddity or off, will at some point make complete sense as you realize that this evolution has been as much a physical endeavour as it has been one of consciousness rising.

The physical sensations that are making themselves known as pain in your body are there to lead you further down the path of your own evolution. If the hardness in your body were to remain, you would struggle to maintain this elevated frequency and would perish. If you were to hold onto the foods and the habits that brought you here indefinitely, it ultimately would serve you no longer, and so, like all things, everything will ultimately shift. And even the very things you consider a given… right now, will at some point change and shift to reflect your constant, ever movement in a forward evolving direction.

There is nothing to fear, for that which you fear comes into plain view as something comes from the nothing that is waiting to make itself known.

Which means, the universe we live in is a conductive, intelligent entity that responds to all frequency changes as they occur.

What does that mean for you?

It means that we are creating so much faster than ever before, simply because the medium of what we consider the ‘real world’ or the empty space around us, is modeling itself into whatever form we choose in the moment of choosing it.

This can feel a little disconcerting, as those who are not yet feeling the fullness of themselves find the faster manifestational platform exhausting and ultimately overwhelming.

It creates a panicky feeling inside, as they believe that they may become overcome with, and by, their own creations.

It is one thing to say that we all create our own reality, but as we truly come in line with the full understanding of what that actually means… when we make the connection that every time I feel bad, I’m actually hurting myself simply because my body is a living organism, and when I am in a state of worry, or sadness, as I anticipate possible future outcomes that don’t feel so supportive, whenever I get into any mood that feels bad, whenever I am standing in my own worthlessness, in ALL THOSE MOMENTS I am hurting my body, because in all those moments my cells are in the process of dying, not living… as the very thoughts I am thinking, for however long I decide to keep thinking that way… those very same thoughts are causing me pain.

The very act of worry hurts me, not just because it doesn’t feel good, or has ever done any actual good… but because the very message I give to myself in that time is one of decline and non-thriving.

All these things apply to each and every one of you… as all now must turn to a new way of seeing the world.

When the body gives you clear indication of what it requires, it seems a little illogical to deny yourself the very things you are craving. Much of what is known about the physical body is based on insufficient data, as most can not agree upon the full manoeuvring of the human vehicle… as expressed though different philosophies and practices around medicine and body wellness.

If you were to ever question the overall knowledge of a population and their relationship with their bodies, simply look to the state of health of each individual… then notice what commonalities exist between communities, and rate that compared to life styles and overall beliefs about body of countries and nations. And finally look to the overall wellness of the world you live in.

Regardless of the numbers, the fact remains that most knowing of the full workings of the human body, as of yet, remain undiscovered… although this too is quickly changing.

So much in fact has changed in such a short span of time. And all those who are still hoping that things will feel the same way, are in for a disappointment as things begin to once more accelerate as the rate of absorption begins to steadily increase.

All those who manage to bring their bodies into a balanced point, will feel the immediate positive feedback from this fast moving stream. So it is highlighted, and deeply encouraged that all find their balance, and release themselves from the very tension that is holding them in place… physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually, individually, collectively, universally, and interdimensionally… meaning that all manner of restraint will no longer be placed upon you… as you allow yourself to shine in the way that you so deeply long for.

There is nothing to delve into, there is nothing more to heal, simply let yourself shine and be the one who you are.

This message goes out to everyone, to anyone who will listen. For there is no assertion here, nor will there every again be. For the matter around you has shifted, and so all that is within said space, will, and ALREADY HAS shifted.

Whatever projections of outer anger and pain you still see, are only reflections of what used to be, and no longer exist.

That means, as you shift now, fast changes will follow, as the material around you responds instantly to your movement, or as you like to say, to your asking.

You live in a co-operative universe… you live in good matter… and so, you matter.

So know who you are, even if you don’t fully yet do.

Feel yourself into a new you; not the one that says I’m behind you, but the one who stands present as right now you.

All this is pointing to the very same thing… everything is changing.

So that means that all things and all people will ultimately have to change whatever they are currently doing, being, and having to some degree.

But this seems relatively reasonable, as all things ultimately do change at one point or another. However, we don’t encourage a totally laid back approach to all this either, as everyone must become more actively involved in the releasing of their own pain.

There is much that must be transformed and transmuted; for the overall tension of the planet, and the collective, has to be decreased… which means that all those who live here must shift so that the entire platform can shift in a way that is far more permanent then what we have been so far experiencing.

Does death scare you?

We clearly see that to some degree yes… it still does… because you can not believe… as of yet, that as you pass the filament of death you can in fact, create on the other side a life that is equal, if not better to, the one you previously left.

So you fear that if you collapse dead on the ground, that will be it, and all…all as you now know it, will disappear in favour of something less physical.

You see others and wonder why they suddenly went non-solid, and we say… why not? Don’t you one day want to explore beyond the physical body?

But can you accept that you can have the kind of transition that you choose?

Can you build yourself up, rather then tear yourself down?

Can you reach for the much better words and let go of the anxiety… because as was said…when your body feels like it is under threat, it is…

For in actuality it poising itself as you tell it that it is dying… rather than thriving. And because you have literally died now enough times that the resonant memory of that resides in your body, every time you have a sensation in your body that resembles anything that feels like dying, the fear of that creates more tension and pain in your physical body, and the pain loops you back towards the fear.

But we can not convince you that you are well, if you feel otherwise, so all we can do is to reinforce to you that you are healing, that you are in fact becoming so much more than you have ever been, in every way.

Yet for you to advance, and keep advancing, there will be sensations along the way that may feel unfavourable, but that nonetheless are necessary, as things shift from one from into another. And because you have a long standing relationship with your body, it too will take a little ‘time’ to shift to a new mode of behaviour. So that means, with a little practise, you will be able to re-establish a new relationship with your own body, which is always working for your favour, never against you.

Very soon the things that pained and confused you will make themselves clear in your eyes… for clarity is what you are… and so, the world will become increasingly clear to see. And in that moment, you will know yourself as enough, and no longer deficient in any way… and in that one moment, you will know the fullness of you, and all will shift to reflect that new understanding. And these changes that you fear, will seem far and distant, and a grand part of the ever unfolding life that is your grand evolution.

With all my Love,

Ka ✨

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