The bridge that is you, is opening and widening with each conscious allowing on your part.

It is in your active participation that this conversation moves forward, and we understand that you interpret this to mean, “that it is all in your court, the ball is in your hands”, to use some of your terms… you believe that this is somewhat unfair, but it is what IS.

You are not a passive participant, a once in a while kinda creator.
You are always, and in every moment, creating the exact world you are living.

It is an active, in the moment, now, now, now activity, as you shape and reshape your life on an ongoing, always forward moving basis.

What that means is, that you are always and forever expanding and becoming more, and your illusions about that, either hinder or give rise to your best life… your best living self.

As soon as you understand this, and accept it as so, you will in that moment be empowered as you understand that you have the ability, always, and in every moment, to change how your life is going. In other words, you are always writing the script of your life, and as you decide on things, you in that very moment write and rewrite the life you are currently living.


You are not creating your future,
you are creating now moments, now…right now… and right now… always.

There is no need for you to figure this out right now, because you are already here.

You know this.
You understand this.
Now it is time to practice this,
to live this,
to BE this.

Decide, now, and in all moments from this now, that you are who you say, think, and believe you are… and then write yourself anew and step fully into this new you.

There is nothing that you have to do,
because you are already doing it.

So trust that,
and move fearlessly forward.

Know that you are always on the right path, because simply that you are here IS THE RIGHT PATH.

If this is challenging for you to understand, it is because you believe that there are right and wrong path, and that if you fail to do certain things here on this physical plane, then you are somehow inferior, less-than all those you consider above you.

And it is this FALSE perception, that has lead you where you have gone, for you have taken yourself out of the equation
and replaced yourself with a version that is far lesser than what you truly are. It is your disbelief in this knowledge that keeps getting you ‘hung up’, so to speak, as you bob back and forth between knowing and unknowing, remembering and forgetfulness.

But know this, there is no wrong path.

If you decided to leave tomorrow, everything you have accomplished is perceived as a success within the ALL of it and anything that you believed yourself lacking in, will flood you with more than you have ever asked for.

You have silently asked for much
and ALL that IS gladly gives it ALL to you, for you are IT expressing itself here.

You ask, and we give it
You ask, and it is given.

Become a clear asker
and ask for what you want with eagerness and a sure knowing that it is given in the moment of your asking
and prepare yourself to receive.

Learn HOW to receive.

You must decide exactly what it is you want.

Become a clear asker, and than watch as what you have asked for comes barreling in.

The medium that you live in is a reflective medium, it is always reflecting back to you what you are emitting out; what you are vibrating, what you are EMOTING, what you a thinking, and what you are believing.

You must begin to see yourself differently and accept that there are components of your makeup, your physical makeup, that are unseen but that are nonetheless there.

There is much that you have yet to find out about what you can do. And there is much yet that you have to discover about why you do the things you do.
But there is no need to go ‘digging in’,
rather focus on what you have and continue to move forward with an increasing sense of inner gratitude and love for everyone and everything around you.

Concentrate on your abundance and on those things that are vividly working in your life.

Place your attention on those things, and trust that the rest will figure itself out, with and without you.

You have been well guided along the way, and will continue to be so, and the more you call this connection forward, the more vivid it too will become.

So be open with yourself and allow what you have asked for to come through.

Accept that you are doing what you say you are doing, in other words, BE that WHICH YOU PROCLAIM TO BE, and know that THIS is the right path.

We feel and know who and what you are, but until YOU feel and know who and what you are, and truly believe that… there is nothing new that we can ever say to you… but we will always continue to say what we say, as many times and as often as you require, until you too beLive… which means be, live and believe, what we say, and you too begin to say it yourself, to yourself.

And believe us when we say, when this moment occurs, and it could be as soon as right NOW, you and the life you are living will shift in all-ways to reflect that.

Your only work, if that is what you want to call it, is to bring yourself into the highest alignment with Love, with Source, with all that is flowing to you

THIS is what is called your receptive mode.

Consciously, actively, bring yourself into a place of being better… feeling better…

So no matter where you currently stand on the emotional scale, make a commitment, right now, to actively DO whatever you need to do to feel better.

We challenge you, because we know you enjoy a little challenge, to practice…what you preach.



Kasia Kaminska ~ Author of DRIVERS SEAT  …a time traveling manual🕖

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