Everyone makes a difference.

Each and everyone of us creates a ripple effect, ourselves being at the centre.

The sheer BEINGNESS of our being transmits a ripple out into the multiverse,

into the world around us,

and into every, and all aspects of the intricate lacework of creation.


We affect that delicate netting with how we maneuver through it,

what signals we send out,

what we think,

how we believe ourselves to be.


Whether we know it or not,

whether we believe we are making a difference or not,

we EFFECT everything and everyone.

We are the creators of our reality,

a reality that at this moment is folding in on itself as we begin to collectively awaken

to our true SOURCE Self,

and the understanding that what we believe IS what we live.


What we say is true, is in fact true, because in the moment we believe something to be so,

it so becomes.


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