Dearest friends,

I would like to share with you a recent personal channeling I did, that has helped me to further understand the concept of manifesting real abundance in my life. I know that I am in each day navigating my life, that I am the captain of my ship, the creator of my Creality, and that as I find my own inner balance, that steady pulse will spill out onto the greater Consciousness that is ALL OF US.

May these words offer you some clarity and guidance so that you too, may find in yourself the treasures you have been outwardly searching for.

Be well my friends, there is much that is changing for us, individually and collectively, and know that I am available in all moments to offer you council and clear information about the things that matter to you most, as these same things are the very things that matter to all of us.


please enjoy the following Channeled Message…


“I’d like to know how to allow the flow of abundance to actualize in my experience?”

“What do I have to do, in order for abundance to become an actual reality for me, as opposed to something I am talking about, or reaching for?”


That is a fine question, and one that is not lesser for the asking, for we can feel that you have explored this within yourself often, and still find yourself back at the same place of asking.

So we would like to say, that all that you have done thus far, is what needs to be done.

Lets put this another way… whatever you have ‘already’ achieved, was a necessary stage of your personal evolutionary pathway, and as such, integral to your overall well-being and grander exploration of self.

Now, as you progress of this ever enlightened path, you will begin to come into alignment with a version of you that no longer needs edification from anyone, even yourself.

At this point, when you are solid in yourself and what you believe, and you know what you actually want, then whatever it is that you have set your self up with, whatever it is that you have declared as yours, or as soon being experienced by you, all those things you have decided as yours are yours and will be yours… line up with you, and become you, and yours.

It is a matter of being focused on the very things that drive you.

And so, your passion, and your enthusiasm, and your eagerness for YOUR~SELF become the very driving force for a passion of living!

This excitement and growing enthusiasm and passion for living and life, opens you to unlimited potential… and for those of you whom are in this moment reading this, we say…that this is as much a reality for you as it is for this channel…for all who open themselves to the potential of more, of being more, and becoming greater than they currently are, also open themselves to the potential for experiences and opportunities that they would have previously never seen had they not opened themselves to the possibility that EVERYTHING IS POSSIBLE in the first place.

So to all those who are reading this, and who are currently struggling with one thing or another, please hear this when we say…

The only Challenge, is that there IS NO CHALLENGE.

What that means to you is this… it is only your belief about anything…that makes that thing true. Your very belief in a thing, a concept, makes it true, makes it a reality for you.

And you don’t even have to believe in that, in order to make it true.

This is so, whether you accept it or not.

It is a beautiful dichotomy. And something you need to fully understand in order to move from your current place of wanting and needing, to a new platform of Accepting and Receiving.

The hardest part, the challenge so to speak,  is to convince ourselves that this is so, when what we see outside ourselves, does not reflect the very things we are wanting to be, to do, and to have.

We must accept, on faith, on trust, that the hardest thing is to remember. To remember who we are in relationship to everything else, to remember that we are powerful in the moment creators, and that there is nothing to fear, no outside world that is trying to ‘hurt us,’ only experiences we ourselves are creating, either consciously…or mostly unconsciously.

But either way, we are the ones creating it all, and how we feel as we witness these creations in our life, affects how these things will ultimately play out.


We must therefore, hold true to our new perspective.

We must remind ourselves that we are good, and that good things are always happening to us!

We must keep reaffirming our collective connection, as we accept once and for all, that we are all part of the same family, and that what we do unto the least of us, we truly are doing to ourselves.

And that in reverse, what we do to ourselves, we also do to others… as we project our own energy onto the people closest to us, and this ripple effect moves outward form the very core that is you, to the farthest reaches of the collective grid.


It is unwise to belive ~be and live~ from a platform of separation, for there is little truth in this, and creates within us a resistance to our very own life.

For in truth we are all united, and connected, to each other, and to everything around us.


We are the very engines that take what is, and mold it into something tangible, something real for all others to see. We make the intangible, tangible… the imagined, come true.

We can witness this in an artist, or poet, but see little of it in the creation we call MY LIFE.


Be here…we invite you. Become intimately invested in your own life, in the very mechanics of and nuances of you. Become passionate about being passionate!

See life, and the life you are living in particular, as the magnificent creative piece it truly is, and being to CREATE a new deliberate reality, a CREALITY ~ a deliberate creative reality~ that is reflective of your highest, truest, and most authentic version of Self, and that mirrors to you your personal choices and preferences.


Take the reigns of control back, and empower yourself!


Recognize that the very words you say and think about yourself and your life,  set the stage for what you will  experience and what you will become.

It is the very things we say about ourselves, to others, but most importantly to our self, that declare to the universe… this is who I am, and this is what I think and believe about myself.  And so it is.

And so the universe, which in simplest form of explanation is a singularity of consciousness expressed in an infinite multitude of ways, each unique onto itself, but all existing within the One, ALL THAT IS…gives you exactly what you declare.


And here We say… Declare the best about yourself!     And See the benefit in everything you do!

 Tell yourself often, that no matter where you currently stand, there is benefit everywhere for you. And that even if you can’t see it in that moment, you will look and find it anyway, knowing that something good is always there for you, no matter what.


This is your personal moment, and our collective moment, to stand in what we intuitively know is right, to stand in~love, and take the immediate action where it is needed.


Ask yourself often, and in all circumstances;

What would Love do now?      …and DO THAT!


This is about loving our Self… in the moment… right now… in whatever circumstances you may be in.

Only by truly knowing and helping ourselves, can we than really know and help others.


Please release any resistance you still have about loving yourself and living your truth, for indeed, these two are synonymous, and can not exist without the other.

For as you know yourself, your very nature will reveal what it is that you came here to do. Your own impulses and preferences will set the course and lead you to the very things you want to experience.

You just have to trust that you’re that smart… because you are… and all will come into perfect alignment with you, in the instant you decide that being happy is actually worth your attention.


You are the captain of this ship… you are the master of your world… you are the core, the center… and so is each and every one of us.

We are all creating our own realities, worlds that intermingle as we share and co-create. Decide to be happy now. And know that in that decision, you have altered the course of your own perspective, and in that way, you have just changed your own reality.


You are beautiful, you are infinite… and you have the ability to recreate your reality just by remembering that you CAN!


Loving Mantra






in~Love & Light, and an open heart to all humanity… I love you all…

 Kasia Kaminska.


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